Jack's FULL Character creation and decoration thread. [Creation, decorating, clothing]

So I kinda wanna go a little far post 1.0 release with a lot of my ideas, but this one takes the cake. Post character creation decorations and characteristics.

Character Creation:

Creating a character should allow full customization options, but being a voxel game, Oort can only handle so much. So why not get the best of both worlds by including base stylizing per object.

Let’s start with your character’s species. This’ll be a necessary beginning to see where your character will turn out in the end. For this example, I will choose reptilian and go from there. This example will be based on a combination of modular character part selection, with the assumption that one or two sliders will help fine tune each part’s primary attribute.

Note: Species/shapes available to choose from are not limited to what I sketched up here. I just put together as many as I thought about at the time to cover these basic concepts.

Let’s start with the body. For this example, I will choose The male:Standard type. Once I have this, I can adjust the weight to muscle ratio.

Next the arms and legs. I will choose Standard for the arm, and Heel up for the leg type. From here, I can slightly adjust how thick the shoulders are, and how thick the forearms are, and how long the arms are. Then I can pick how high the heel is and whether or not the calf is angled up from the knee or down [Acute or Obtuse]. After that, I will pick a hand type and foot type that best fit my reptilian choice. For the sake of standardization, I will pick both the reptilian hands and feet.

Now for the Head, Let’s pick a basic shape. Here, I’ll choose the chizzled chin. I will choose the Reptilian eye form, then the “Not so happy” mouth shape to compliment it.

For the head shape, I will stick with Reptilian one, then choose flat/Reptilian for the nose since most reptilian’s noses traditionally angle up on the outside around their snouts.

Now that we’ve done all that, we should have a good idea on what shape our character is taking on. HERE Is an example of the template I followed.

Mind you, SOME Options lock up when incompatible with others. For example, you wouldn’t have a long snout build with a long birdlike beak on the end would you? In some cases however, the beak will blend with the snout to give you this look.

In other instances, you might wonder what choosing different mouth types do for different head/mouth/snout shapes. Here are some examples of what some mixes do.

And finally the height class. This might be as simple as a three option decision. One block, two blocks, or three blocks. Then maybe a slider to fine tune.

Now that we’ve created the basic overall shape of our character, let’s move on.

Character style:

Animation styles:

  1. Tall and courageous. A character will stand with their chest puffed up like they are ready to take on anything, they idle with their hands closed and their head held high.
  2. Scatterbrained. A Character will stand with their back slightly hunched as they play with their hands when they idle, looking about themselves constantly. Not nervously, but as if their brains are on over drive, non-stop.
  3. Beast/Brute. Hunches a bit and lets their fists hand slightly to their sides, resting in a low stance.
  4. Sassy. Hands on hips, y’all.
  5. Smart. Arms folded while they look about a bit.

Colors and details:
Primary color of skin/fur, with optional secondary details, then maybe some tribal/tattoo style markings, customization per body part, IE: Your arms, legs, body and head can each have their own tattoos, or all match. Color of tattoos per limb. Left and right limbs do not need to match the other in either style or color. Hair. All kinds of hair, a Mohawk that reaches all the way down your spine, short buzz with a flat top, or a ponytail in the back. As a secondary to hair, horns and spikes. Different horn or spikes to choose from to mix and match with your hair and full design.

Some, or even all races given to option to have glowing glands along their body in various colors and designs: Dots along the back/spine/tail, swirly lines on the sides/shoulders, etc. One Primary design and one secondary design, both will be the same color. Maybe even subsurface glowing detail like when toothless goes godzilla mode in the second how to train your dragon.
Example images:
The one on the right is the best example.
This is … Kinda close to what I mean for a more symmetrical design.
Because I freaking love this movie.

Eye color and glow:
Because why not? A Slider would control your glow amount, zero is no glow, and 100% is full brightness.


These items might be made in crafting, which I like the sound of, because it doesn’t limit you to sticking with what you make in the first place, who wants to look exactly the same all the time? Right? Let’s get started… Shirts, Pants, Robes, Jackets, Shoulder Capes, Regular Capes, Scarfs, Shoes, Boots, Gloves, Gauntlets, Wrist Bands, Backpacks, Satchels, Chestplates, Kneepads, Shinguards, Shoulderpads, Broaches, Hats, Masks, Skirts/WhateverDarthVaderWearsAsALower/SecondaryCape…?.. I could go on…
Now as far as customization goes of these items, at least let us choose colors, lengths of dynamic things [Cape/Scarf goes to mid back level, or to the heels], able to choose from a small selection of designs that are printed as decals or textures/materials, Tattered = yes/no decision, etc.

Items would vary in basic forms, here are a few examples.

NOTE: All colors would be determined by an RGB style color picker with the option to choose from a standard preset table.

Here’s some examples of what you might accomplish as you go. I’ll just add character designs to this based on what I make for this or any other threads.

I’ll add/adjust this thread as necessary, so… Subject to change… Still.


I like the idea of determining your character’s animation style- that would be a nice addition to make things feel a little more real. It might be a bit more work for the devs though… maybe that would be only when they’re stationary and standing- like an idle animation.
I do like the idea of being able to add bioluminescence actually on the character. It’d be a tradeoff of coolness vs practicality (you could see nearby a little better, but you’d also be terrible at sneaking)
The character decals seem nice, and if there’s time for them I’d be all for it.
I think color should be up to the person to decide, but It should be within a certain range of colors. some colors would just be plain ugly imo. That’s just my opinion though.

The colors all come down to personal choice. I personally don’t care for green, but I’m sure a lot of people would hate me if I said that color can’t be included.


I think characters should start as a blank slate which the player customizes however they desire. So yes.

Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers as examples.

Love the bioluminescence idea.

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truth. and I guess you can’t really argue that certain varieties colors would stick out from the game’s design because the game’s design has a lot of different colors already in it.

I love little big planet as an example for character customization and your definition of “genderless” characters is agreeable based on this premise.

The only problem with starting with a blank slate rather than choosing a race is the amount of addon meshes to create your race would hinder the engine a bit by taking up a lot more computing power on individual machines, and unfortunately, the spore character creation engine I fear, would not fit well for this game. I think the best way to explain it is a more upped version of skyrim’s character creation engine, but with more full body options rather than just the face. IE: Width of shoulders, bulkiness of muscles per limb category, as in you can adjust the arms separate from the legs and body. Of course, with limits, so no one makes a walking potato…

EDIT: I’ve done a lot of updating that includes a lot of the kind of customization you speak of, most relative to little big planet.


Yeah, like the blazing glare of the sunrise. HAHA!

Amended original post for clothing. How did I forget that?

Humble Bump for thread overhaul and massive additions.

One of the reasons for this update was to ensure my voice was heard on more specific character shape designs while the devs and artists are still in the concept stages. Honestly, I was disappointed with Elder scrolls online simply not having snouts for argonians, which kinda revealed how nit picky I can be, but also that I must not be the only one when a lot of other people agreed with their character design choices in many areas.

Update: amended to include height as a character creation step.

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