Join Portal Seekers for ANOTHER hunt! This Monday 9:00pm EST

Heya everyone! Going to be running another hunt with PS starting on 2020-11-24T02:00:00Z

I’ll be running a platform hunt on Alnitans again :chillshard: (Shoutout to ODF for giving me the location tokens!)

  • Ruby Bow is best, followed by Diamond and Amethyst being neutral
  • 3 Points in potent atmosphere resistance required

Everyone old and new is welcome to come along!

Voice coms are optional but highly recommended - even without a mic!

Meeting at PS Hunters Courtyard beforehand, accessible from PS Grovidias Te (which itself is easily accessible from TNT Circapous)

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RUBY slingbow this time wow

Is this 8:30 UTC or?


The boys From Fade will try and be there. Make it a fun double hunt night with the 11pm one right after :slight_smile:

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According to google, Coordinated Universal Time is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time.
So I would guess 2:30 am UTC

Also, I updated the OP to clarify were meeting at PS hunters courtyard first!

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Yay! A hunt that I can actually make. So many seem to happen when I am sleeping or I am at work. Is it relatively beginner friendly? I have only been on two other hunts.


Alnitans is a tier 5 world, so there may be a few dangerous creatures that may kill you without points in health, but even if you die other players (myself included) can revive using revive augments without you receiving an exp penalty (it also grants the reviver a small exp bonus).

I plan on building floating bridge-towers near the meteors, which allows players to grapple to them to avoid wildstocks. I also plan to play medic and throw healing bombs at damaged players, so overall it should be a smooth experience!


Awesome! I will try to make it tonight. The character i play with is Nezhador.

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Looking forward to the hunt tonight.

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Hunt in 1h 30m


30 minutes to go! Ohhhh i’m excited ahah


And with that, the hunt was a success! Had a great turnout for my first hunt in several months.
Expect more hunts in the coming days - cheers!


Thanks for the hunt! It was great!


Running another hunt this Monday, decided to start it half an hour earlier so we can give ourselves more time before the other hunt group starts.


Hunt in 1h!

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Welp, it was a tad smaller turnout, but we still had a blast.

One thing this hunt has taught me is that I definitely need to bring more revive augments ahah.

As always, expect more hunts in the coming days - Cheers!


Great hunt. Thanks!