Join the End of the Worlds Hunting party!

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Oort birds! ( :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: )

We are going to the live servers and trying to figure out what the bigger meteors will bring us.

@Sulfurblade I don’t know what planet we will go to but i think alturnig will be fun and we have a lot of diamond slings but it might be interesting to go to munteen to test to see how hard it is. i think that will be the hardes planet to do hunts on as all debuffs now aplys eaven tho we have resistens.

i know the current universe on live, sorry if you thought i meant the new one :slight_smile:

You want to go back to the poison planet? Why??? Just because its easier to kill you and I their???
Sure its more challenging but why not enjoy a planet with better terrain… I know your in love with your Diamond and Ruby slings and thus you want to avoid vulpto and andoween… So whats wrong with Epsilo ?

I like to fight on Nash myself… but I am only supplying weapons this time so my opinion doesn’t matter much hehe

Hunt is starting in 10 min.

im streaming the hunt too