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I am new to the game but I noticed how few players there were online. With that said, I normally play around 8pm Central (US) Time, if you are on and want to build/roam let me know. It is mind-blowingly numb to terraform a world by yourself.



I think it’s cause people don’t want to burn out on a pre alpha game.

Yes, and I think many people are waiting for specific features before they really dive in. Oort is really just getting warmed up, you know - and look how great it looks already!!

@ZeusXVII what worlds are you on? There is a build happening at the Lapas capital that is active, and there are a few active settlements near the Ruchs capital as well.

We have a thread for finding each other, as well as a Steam community chatroom.

See you online!

Hey DarkRepulsor,

Oh yeah I understand the struggles of an Alpha. I was just looking for player base. Right now I have been building on the last world in the US West Server. Not sure the name at the moment. I signed up in the chat room on stream so I will use that as a means to find people as well.

Yeah, There arent a lot of super active players right now, I would most likely agree with DarkRepulsor that maybe those are trying to keep it fresh and other than building there isn’t a whole lot there.

I would guess I am one of the more active players as I have spent over 400 hrs already on it, so I am kinda taking a break.

I look forward to additions to the game, and hope to see more features soon.