Just blown my mind ;D


I just saw a documentary about the solar system and the very outer sphere of meteors which surrounds it. … And then suddenly my mind was critically blown away, because the sphere has a very familar name…

BÄHM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ps: just wonder if there lies hidden lore within ^^


That is such an awesome idea! :smile: :lester:

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Many of the planet’s names are anagrams of famous scientists. Oort is also named after the scientist that discovered it. Clearly, our devs love their scientists!

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Yeah, a gigantic sphere of planetoids and smaller chunks would fit well to the games theme ;D … Beginning in the inner ring/disc-like sphere you would venture through the tiers till reaching the edge of our solar system ^^

Each World could be part of the Oort Cloud.
Therefowre the lore cpoud come from forgotten worlds!
:smile: :lester:

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That lie somewhere in the Oort Cloud!