Just bought gleam club but

Hey, I just bought 180 days of gleam club. But I can’t change my appearance. I tried restarting the game but that doesn’t work.

Are you trying in the Sanctum or in game?

In the Sanctum.

Try in game, I think because Sanctum is client side it won’t work there.


Oh, It works in game. Thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome

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Yup exact reason why it won’t. Also why one would want to avoid opening coffers in the sanctum.

Also glad it was that easy for you to do. Someone had a bug until recently that prevented them from changing colors at all.


I remember having the same problem when I first got gleamclub thinking that was where to do any changes because we created our first characters and alts there, when it didn’t work I tried in game .


To avoid issues like this I think there should some stuff disabled on sanctum or have message for players.