Just thinking of our Aussie friends

Hope you and your loved ones are safe


Huh? What’s going on?

It’s just that my country is on fire no big deal really…:upside_down_face:


It’s on fire? Ow my hope u all are ok

Yeah it’s all over the news…


Yeah, stay safe you guys.

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Yea our awesome country is burning everywhere and only getting worse. It’s so sad a lot of wildlife has died…people have died…people’s homes are ashes. The Aussie spirit is awesome. We will all band together and help each other in need. Thanks for everyone around the world that helps or sends Australia the best thoughts…it all helps . It’s all appreciated


A bunch of heavy industry companies need to get some of those gigantic pumps that are on those specialized pumping ships over there, drop the intake into the water, and get as many miles of hoses hooked together as they can and just try to dump as much of the ocean onto the fires as they can, or at least flood the land to make a break point.

It might help a little, maybe not as much as it could since here are just so many fired and are just monstrous all over.

Australia is a bit big and rugged to be that easy…we are almost same size as America. a little smaller

true but better than just standing around, it could help save some places near the ocean.


Couldnt agree morre

Also sending good thoughts, hope you are all safe and well. Heartbreaking to see, and hard to comprehend from over here… my heart goes out to all affected


Hope everyone is safe out there. Rusty hope you are well. Wish the world was doing more :disappointed_relieved:


We all hope that you don’t loose anything we have relatives there too. Keep safe @DrCyanide and the rest of you who holding out over there. :pray:

I’m not exactly in the fires myself where it’s most intense which is down in NSW but there are some fire’s up here with me but quite far away, really worried for Beau who is close to them but regardless just a bit sad that my whole country is burning and only really now in 2020 is there things being done, donations etc. Feel free to check for how long it’s been like this.


For anyone interested in helping out;

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Australians <3


Thank you everyone! I am not in danger but yeah the whole situation is sad and scary.
When you cant go outside because of the smoke and you can barely tell the difference between day and night!
It is just so dry and so rugged nothing can really be done but let the fires burn out. It is very devastating how many people have lost everything and how many people and animals have died.
Take care fellow Aussies :heart:


The poor koalas :weary: they’re so helpless and can’t even flee. So tragic


Yes unfortunately its not just the koalas, Australia has so many unique and endangered wildlife. They are all being wiped out in mass numbers. Those that survive the fires and the smoke inhalation have no homes and no food. It is very sad destruction :frowning: