Just thinking out loud here… “boundless 2.0”

Just wondering if the dev team would build an other boundless game (boundless 2 if you like, utilizing what they learned of boundless and improvements are made) would you go over to that game?

Lets be honest boundless still keeps me entertained and probably will keep me here until they pull the plug or an other boundless like game (which has more possibilities) comes by. As boundless has completely replaced Minecraft for me (do miss redstone but the block variation and possibly’s :kissing_heart:).
Just more boundless :wink:.

Just wondering and can’t get it out of my head…
So would you take the step or not to “boundless 2.0”?
If it would happen?


Would this be all the stuff bought the game and never got in boundless?

Or maybe just maybe learned and did differently like having a community manager, a road map, dev updates and a viable financial model.

Either way alas I cannot see it happening . As much as James loves this concept and was clearly passionate about what it could be the execution means it hasn’t made financial sense so far and his abilities have been taken by a large Corporate income

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:wink: just in general if they would do it but then better.
Things they learned in the process of updates and patches. Better communication.

Don’t quote me on this (because thats what me brain is saying to me) but as I understand it most of the issues the had/have where/are because of the game engine. As some things just where not possible because of it… (again idk for sure :wink:)

Don’t get me wrong i do think promises should be kept. (Im probably guilty of breaking a few to in boundless).

How i envision it i would say what we have now, suggestions made (like quests and dungeons), promise what would be in main game (hunter, titans) and more (more more).

[edit] one suggestion i wish for the most are npc oortions that start spawning at player build structures. To make it more lived in then like a ghost town.

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I would in a heartbeat. I’m longing for what Boundless could be :pray:


yeah they could use the profits from this one to cover the costs

or ask the same investors who funded the 1.0


Yes. I believe that if this exact game in its current state was in beta right now it would be very popular and highly anticipated. Sword/shield/local mode update would be the penultimate beta update (and wouldn’t have taken long with a full team), with titans or any kind of “boss” above meteorites going live just a couple weeks before official release.

The game does seem to have some trim-able fat though too with regards to performance. Do any other mmo’s actually show other players’ heads moving? I’ve always thought that’s an incredibly cool feature but my god is it unnecessary and it (plus other fluff features) has to weigh a ton on the server.

Edit to add: Part of this belief is my stance on early players quitting due to poor infrastructure like the inability to warp home and getting stuck on faraway planets. If this whole thing was restarted I think every active beta player would have to be given a sovereign with a respectable amount of free fuel and plenty of time before official release to establish some solid portal networks and create space for an early rush of players. And the devs should make sure there is at least a small spread of mods for local servers before release, just to show some possibilities.


for me its a no, I always say to myself do it right or don’t do it

as much as I love boundless, creating a boundless 2 will just end in disaster.
finish one and move on to the next project

my thought is to sell boundless to a company that’s actually interested in maintaining boundless and that sees the potential in the game and actually advertising the game as it should be


I would buy/play it, without hesitation. Especially since I know that there are things the devs wanted to update/change/add and said they cannot do it with the current version of the game.

Lots of games that have been out for years make a 2nd iteration. As long as it’s an upgrade and better, I’m there.


Hooonestly! I would absolutely love to see this game sold to another company who cares about it and could make it thrive. Better than simply staying in stasis until it dies completely.

If Turbulenz/Wonderstruck no longer can work on the game due to… whatever is going on with them? I really hope they make a good call and sell it.

This game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.


If James’ team was to announce “hey guys, we’re making Boundless 2”, I don’t think I would send money their way because it would likely mean that all the money spent on Boundless 1 to get plots/GC/masks/bodypaints and such is lost to us, and all the promises they made (Titans, alternate races, clothes, new props, new creatures, etc) are definitely broken, crushed into dust.
That alone would mean they lost all of my trust.

I mean, ACTUALLY think about how long Wonderstruck took to get where we are now with Boundless 1 (which is half-way done, like it or not), knowing they started the process in 2014. Now imagine them starting over now… yeah… not gonna happen.
If the whole team behind Boundless doesn’t make a comeback some time in 2022 to keep working on what is there, Boundless is gonna be history, and I highly doubt Square Enix would let them work on a Boundless 2 (and don’t even think of the team doing it with another editor while SE is still keeping the lights on in Boundless 1).
Currently, everybody is cute acting like Boundless is working fine as it is, but let’s wait one more year with no updates, see if you still say the same thing, and if SE thinks it’s still worth it to keep the servers running.

There’s other building games coming.
I know Boundless is somewhat unique with its rendering engine, but after spending many weeks in Valheim, I can safely say that (at least) I can ignore old-timey pixelated textures and low-polygon-models if they’re supported by other good features. Hence why I keep hoping Hytale will rock my socks off.
They already showcased months ago how their combat and creature AI feels 10 times more advanced than Boundless’, and how they seem to have 100 times more player-customization and building pieces.
And I’m sure Hytale is but the crest of the wave. I’m also keeping an eye on Bitcraft, which also seems to be an MMO with building capabilities similar to Valheim, still a bit shrouded in mystery at this stage.


And the Hytale devs had to pause their community outreach because they had the OPPOSITE problem of Boundless - Riot Games throwing so much money at them that they had to rethink their entire business model.


Yeah, knowing we’ll have to wait until 2023 hurts. A year ago, I thought I would be in the beta by now. ^^
Then again, a year ago, I had no idea Boundless would also be in such a state either.


I hear there are some fans working on an unofficial “sequel”

A birdie told me


Interesting :face_with_monocle: :wink:


And I guess you’re all working from Discord? Is there a link somewhere?


did something like that happen before with other games just curious



I, for one, am just glad that our grapples in Boundless worked better than the stump ‘TreeSwing’ game’s did. And that it didn’t cost us a $100/month subscription like the Titan-Coaster would have. =)




Just give me a dang boat.

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Valheim is a dope game, I can’t wait to see what they add in the future.