Just watched the trailer for Boundless

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited and impressed.
My question is, (Apologies in advance for being “that guy”), how far away is the game itself from the trailer?

(obviously Boundless is in Alpha, so I don’t expect the answer to be anytime soon, just looking for an ETA. If this has already been answered, pardon my stupidity, I missed it.)


From the trailer? Well its a pretty good ways away. But thanks the to the ps4 deal funding was rocketed forward! so thats good. And there are nowhere near as many players as in the trailer so you will most likely be playing by yourself with little to no interaction with other players. Now that doesnt mean its still not fun to play Its just mainly a building/mining game atm.


It’s got a many of the core systems in place, but many gameplay mechanics are not there yet. The devs are focusing on those now, so we are likely going to see a lot of gameplay elements show up over the next several months.

Currently, you can:

  • Craft a few basic tools and blocks
    • and some not-so-basic blocks, like bounce pads
  • Place and remove blocks from the world (i.e. creative mode)
  • Carve some blocks with a chisel (you can create angled blocks)
  • Craft and use a grappling hook!
  • Attack and be attacked by a handful of creatures (very basic combat)
  • Explore a myriad of worlds (50 or so)
  • Travel through (dev-placed) portals between worlds; typically located at the world’s capital
  • Customize your character
  • Chat
  • Cheat (infinite blocks, teleport home, teleport to capital)
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Hey, @Atrius, I realized no one really gave you an answer.

Estimated release date right now is “Late 2016”. Obviously as more is added to the game, it will feel more complete, so I’m guessing it will pick up steam (pun intended) come Early or Mid 2016.


I’m trying my hardest to change this :wink:

I think we’re still in pre-alpha.?


Thanks for answering my question, I figured it was going to be Late 2016 maybe Early 2017. As for the extreme difficulty finding any other players in game, I’ve witnessed that firsthand. I’m glad someone is trying to get the community organized! :smile:

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