[Kala] --[T7 - Savage Umbris Exoworld]--

Currently at 15/33 at work on my laptop so a bit more painful than when at home :blush:


we believe in you @Soju-VB

I got about 11/33 so far… not sure how much it will help if you guys want to complete the atlas

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i finished it if anyone wants one i am on perm worlds atm

Nice, 28/33 here, got delayed by “work” … should be done soon as well

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2 more regions and im done then someone can meet me with empty atlases if needed

complete @Soju-VB and @Gorillastomp if you want… was bored and only did it to help out you guys :slight_smile:

Kala - T7 Umbris Lava (Caustic Lvl 7) exo samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam is NEW once again and have a token with gleam inside a dark glass box so easy and safe mining… Also have tokens to the following… Twist tree, Ice (beware of lava), Growth and Tangle… And to my fellow concrete makers GRAVEL!!!.. enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

Note: since this is my first complete Exo atlas I will be doing a one time only giveaway of 8 atlases please take ONLY one… once they are gone thats all… This is a one time thing since I was bored so I strongly recommend to see @Soju-VB for any atlases since he is always doing them :slight_smile:


Completed 99c atlases and some free location tokens now ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori)

Some resource location pics





Mud, Dark Glass with Gleam

Growth and Mould

Tangle and Twisted

Gravel and Thorns



I can go mine now

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The geography of this world is absolutely absurd in the best ways possible. I’m in love.


Regened the dark glass cube while I was inside to keep me safe from hoppers and spitters. Something felt awfully familiar about needing to seal myself into a place that fortunately had exactly what I wanted :sweat_smile:


For last minute gleam farmers, there’s a spot at 243,1473, 65.

It’s a large glass cube, overhanging a drop, right at the edge of the lava. You can stand under it and hammer straight up a gleam column that has 30 raw blocks and 2 refined.

Due to the nature of the spot most mobs don’t mess with you much and if it’s a team the bomber can go inside the block. I think I got hit by 2 spitters in 4 hours last night. Cuttles just hover around confused lol.


Planet just faded.

It will be missed.

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