Karak Kadrin - Kingdom of Dwarfs [Update 31.12.2020 - Throne Room, Workshop, lot of Screenshots]

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Little teaser of the entrance hall im working on :wink:


I recently finished the entrance hall. Here are some pictures


The heck, Sarana? XD This is incredible, and I love you for making it. :heart:

Your build looks amazing. Very nice work.


Mahal samryn mer dwar

After a 7 month break from the game, im back on duty :grin:

Currently im working on the stairway, which will go from around a hight oft 70 all the way up to 160. I also dug out part oft the next big room thats comming and made some plans for moving my actuall base/workshop from Dsassak to Trung.

If you like to drop by you got to go to Alu Tech on Arie (since Hamburg is dead). Theres a Portal named “Drukar Anglur” that brings you to my homebase. Then take the 2x2 portal named “Karak Kadrin - Trung”

Here are some Pics:


That is AMAZING! How do you get to that build? I’d love to go check it out!

This Way :

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Sorry, skipped the reading above. Was too blown away by the pics haha. Thank you

Great job this is a daunting build as I tried doing this build before. It seems like you are making little progress even though you are.


Here is the next update.

I finished the Stairway

and made a Portal Room with some free Spots, if someone wants to connect.

And here is the next Room, WIP Status. Can you guess what this will be ? :smile:


Looking fantastic!!


How many plots is this so far? I’m curious how the new XP/Level system on testing would affect builds like this.

At the moment i have 2133 plots in the settlement, divided under 5 characters and still growing a little bit while im building (im not done yet ^^)

What do you mean with “new XP/Level system” ? Never heard about that

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The original announcement is here but they changed things after the first day/patch.

Like i said, i have 5 characters. If i would need more plots and cant get new ones with leveling, because of a new level system, i just would start another char.

Don’t freak out just yet, I don’t think the plots change will make it into the release

I love this building!

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After my last update in October, i decided to move my homebase from Arie (right next to Hamburg, which is gone) to Karak Kadrin.
Thats the main thing i was working on the last 2 month.
So heres the next update with a lot of screenshots this time.

First some progress from the Throne Room, still WIP

From there on the side you come donwstairs to the floor of the workshop area. Down there its not so fancy, the area is more a working place.

We got the main workshop and storage

Kitchen, Spark Generator, Centraforge

Goo storage for every color, pigment mixer

Goo Farm

Farm for all i use

Stone/XP room (thanks @Ovis and his YouTube Video)

and a big storage with one slot for every color

Most of the stuff is not complete finished and still WIP

If you want to drop by and have a close look, youre welcome.

There is a Portal at Nova Golda, the Sign says “Dwarfen Kingdom”
I also have one at “Ghost Forest” on Dzazzak


Awesome builds! Love that stone room, looks great :ok_hand:

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I love your dwarven styled build! Someday I will finish and unveil mine. Keep up the awesome work.

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