Karko's Competition World 1 [Competition World]

I had a little time at lunch today and put this together. Hope you enjoy it.

Flat Hills Biome

Thick Canopy Biome

Blended Biome

Here is the config file. Have fun.

contestworld1.js (27.3 KB)


You built this… in a LUNCH BREAK??


Would have liked to spent more time on it but I have been crazy taking care of my home. Unfortunately it takes a little more time to take care of than my Minecraft house.

It looks amazing!

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The colors remind me of one of your old worlds that I can’t find anymore. I still have an old screenshot of it. I seriously can’t wait to see this one live :heart_eyes:


I still have this one(Karrea). I plan to rework it and add more biomes to it. Once I have the local rendering. I really liked the pockets it had.

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Looking at this world reminds me of Dragonball :slight_smile:

Dragonball hills

(sorry for the necrobump, but I’m super curious): Is that a layer of dirt on top of grass? that’s a neat effect

yup! back when the textures were very colorful.

Looks like a cool world.great job

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Did anybody download this map by chance the link is now broke and I lost my copy of the file.

There is a tiny chance @OortSimon might be able to help you.

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OOOOO! the colors remind me of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula Trees! :purple_heart:

I would love to see this whimiscal place be a reality :smiley:


I have something close to this, but you will have to wait to see it trees are bugged atm.

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