Keeping Things Simple

Ok ladies and gents, I’ve basically read through a ton of forums and I’m loving the ideas, the art and the discussion. However, I’ve noticed that there are quite a few topics created purely to point people towards an already existing topic. Just go comment at the final destination please, I don’t know if forums have any kind of space requirement, but the unnecessary and pointless threads are annoying. I can’t complain about off topic threads, they kind of exist to be random. Just try not to clutter the forums too much.


Yeah I’ve also seen some people making 10 Toppics of one Discussion, I dont know why. Maybe because they are to lazy to find their own toppic again? But that wouldnt make sense because writing down everything again is more work than doing an new Toppic xD

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This is why I use “Amendments” in my topics. Especially the magic/technology and character creation ones being as to how large they are.

But I agree, there are a few more and more of these.

I am guilty of this, but I only did it once. And I like to blame the fact that I had not checked the forum in a week and was unaware of the pre-existing topic.

Revival of this topic highly necessary.

Rules of Engagement: Duplicate posts

While I can understand the gratitude of one’s topic being highly discussed, I think there is a kind of effort being carried out by a few forum members where a topic that looses interest for even a moment long enough, it is recreated with a new summary based on where the conversation left off, rather than reviving the old topic. Though I myself am guilty of taking aspects from other topics (mainly because darkrepulsor and I think very much alike presentation wise), it should be taken into consideration that before making a new topic, see first if you can simply help someone else out by reviving their topic if it is the same thing. The less topics on the forums that spread us all out, the more attention we each get.

Present topic flood: Mounts, beacons, and guild topics.

Thank you for your time.

PS. Reposting ideas from the old forum are far more understandable as you can’t as simply “Search” for posts from that, especially since most don’t even know where to find it. [New community members, especially]

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I feel like it would be easier to do this with a traditional forum structure.

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I feel it is nenecessary to revive this topic… Again.



Bump for the greater good! :wink: