Keeping track of hunts

What discord channel do people most use for advertising group hunts, planning on joining as many as i can as need the oort for some new portals but not sure where is best to look.

Ill also host some at times there are none so would be good to know best practice for this too.

Most people post them with the hunt bot and most Discord servers have a hunt channel so you’ll see the announcements for hunts even from servers your not in. But I’m sure there will be a bunch of people posting the links to their discords.

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There are a few posted in here


How do i use the hunt bot?

I don’t remember unfortunately. But @Ratchel or @Simoyd would be able to help you in that department. Ratchel set it up in my discord.

You type !hunter on one of the discord where the bot is present, then you’ll be notified for every hunt thats sent to the bot

commands documented here:

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