Keys for locks?

I see this was suggested a few times. A key for the locks would be great for player-made dungeons; sealing doors or “chests”, or making some really elaborate mazes.

Create a spanner for setting the lock combo. Can create a number code associated with the key and lock. 4-8 digits should allow for significant customization.

Keys with compatible codes to the lock will open the door/allow access to stands or machines.

I’d love to create a massive dungeon or escape room with hidden keys or maybe a combination lock with a nice reward at the end.


I like this idea. I could hide keys around. Then hide chest to give more things away. I think I still have a hidden axe at the tower of power no one has found. It is in a pretty good hiding spot. @james add it to my list of stuff I want. Hahaha.

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Nearly made the same topic, maybe single use keys and multi use would also be interesting.