Killing wildstock?

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Am I just being stupid or are they really hard to kill? I have to build a 3 high tower and shoot them with the stone ranged weapon thing because they hit for so much… am i missing something like a skill i need to train to do better? I can sort of avoid them charging at me if i try, but I had to try to kill one down a mineshaft to get it out of the way and that was not easy

I realise i might have made a mistake somewhere though so wanted to know what it might be

I do mainly gathering right now, but to make some stuff to help me to do gathering I need bones, so it seems i also need to do some combat

lerning to dodge while raising the power stat is good for the beginning. but as it is a crafting game you could of cause also alter the terrain to your advantage. later you can also raise the kinetic armor by skills, but snce they also bump you arround you still get falling damage. I felt that hunting spitters is easier cuz they are not moving that fast and you can dodge their projectiles easier :wink:

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I’m lvl 15 and still kill them this way. As far as I can tell, thems the breaks unless you speck towards fighting

First off upgrade your sling…stone…is virtually useless

as far as hunting wildstock, the trick to dodging is that they pause before they charge and they sprint in a straight line…when they pause quickly move to the left or right to get out of the way then turn shoot repeat.


Or jump if you have the epic skills. Actually, scratch that - a) who can afford 10SP for jumping and b) by that far into levelling Stone Bows are not a problem any more.

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forgot about the jumping,like you said who can afford 10sp to jump…lol

build 4 blocks high and stand on top of it. And then spam the slingbow :slight_smile:

Conversely, grapple from the tree and shoot them.

Save up 5 skill points and get the HEALTH EPIC in the Epic 1 section of the skills. It will TRIPLE your health pool, letting you take more hits from the Wildstock and when you get to a city, look in shops for players selling Explorers Fists because they hit much harder than the slingshot. I bought my first one yesterday for 195c and it really is serving me well on the Tier 2 and 3 worlds.

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Thanks for the suggestion, that sounds like a worthwhile one yeah

i haven’t gotten the grapple yet, i still need to get one (though i have some people say having two is good two) thanks

They’re cheaper than that in my shop. :wink:

nuasdsp - if you want to try the fist and have too little resource to buy some, PM me and I can sort you out with a few to play with. I’ve got enough iron at the moment to spare some.

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thanks for the offer, i will let you know but right now i am happy just figuring things out :slight_smile: sounds like I need some skill points in other areas, might use a respec thing because i always make a mistake on my first character in a game

Just gotta learn to strafe-circle them and whack them to death in my experience.

They rear back on their hind legs before they charge and they come forward usually only in a straight line. Circle around them while they rear back and smack em

If you fight em on flat land you jump over them when they charge you.

This is a good method for taking down herds of them quickly but I warn you that the bigger the wildstock get the higher they reach and sometimes theirs horns are enough to launch you off your small tower by bumping into you (though this will cause no damage unless you hit the ground hard). Just build a little taller when dealing with bigger animals. Wildstock feel a bit bugged to me atm since just them walking into you can launch you 3 blocks away. Mob collision takes too much priority in my opinion.

WIldstock run in a pattern much like a missile. The lock onto target first and charge. They do this three times before assessing the situation and readying the next triple charge.

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If you strafe in a tight enough circle around them, they’ll keep turning to face you without ever actually charging. If you accidentally pull one then you may have to avoid a series of charges before you can get this close, but if you’re intentionally instigating the fight then just get into very close range and begin circling as you attack.

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