Ki'Rin Co. - Under new Management :)

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So no pure white nox unfortunately. Looks like it’s not yet unlocked on sovereigns either. So we’d have to get lucky with a blink exo planet most likely.

But i do have a small quantity of luminous azure which is decently close.

They will be paintable once the update comes out. Painted the one on the left on testing.


Just came by for a visit. Nice variety. Just wiped out a lot of your green and yellow grass seed and many mushrooms thank you :+1::+1: :ok_hand:

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I wasn’t aware of this! I guess that’ll make getting specific colors easier. I know we’ll get more sprays per pigment too - with the epic.

Are they doing anything about the goo drop rate? or goo seed returns? With the rarity of T7 exos these days my goo kernel supply is dwindling…

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I saw that! Thank you for stopping by! If you need more of a certain color I’m happy to prioritize for you. So far I’ve just been collecting randomly…

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have not seen any changes to these.

I’m changing the grass around my place to a mix of greens and yellows. So any grass in that spectrum will work. I was using permanent planet colours but will buy whatever is close to what I want.

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Thanks for the chicken! Finding alot here for my future builds along with a few for current, u rock. Ty!

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Heh, you need to get off the grass.


Wow! Thank you all for the patronage!

Looks like many of the fungus, plants, and flowers have sold out.
I need to put some finishing touches on the building exterior - but will get back to harvesting and re-stocking soon.

Will probably restock once or twice weekly starting in March. I’ll be sure to post here when i update the stands.

So far the only custom request is from @georgegroeg. Any idea how much green/yellow grass you need? And are you looking specifically for green and yellow? Or open to moss/lime/mustard etc.?

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No specific colours. Any greens/moss yellows, mustards. Some turquoise. One side of the towers of power is more living and bright. The other side is dying and pale in the colours. Anything you wanna get really. I’ll come check fairly frequently. I do have a good supply for a bit. So work on your build. I can wait. Btw I love the chiselling on the walls inside. The place is looking great :ok_hand::+1::+1:

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Restocked 2.26.21

New Additions:


  • Lush - Cool Taupe (over 10k available)


  • Oortian Staff - Stark Azure & Dark Green
  • Twisted Aloba - Vivid Green, Vivid Mustard, & Deep Fuschia
  • Desert Sword - Strong Viridian, Ashen Blue, & Strong Lavender
  • Spineback Plant - Black
  • Rosetta Nox - Deep Viridian, Vivid Orange, & Vivid Yellow
  • Traveler’s Perch - Deep Green & Deep Fuschia
  • Trumpet Root - Hot Cherry & Bright Sepia
  • Stardrop Plant - Light Lilac


  • Tinted Burst - Vivid Green, Tan, Bright Mustard, & Violet
  • Mottled Tar-Spot - Hot Cherry, Light Azure, Strong Green, Strong Magenta, & Light Sepia
  • Clustered Tongue - Light Tan, Hot Magenta, Deep Green
  • Glowcap - Bright Moss, Bright Taupe, Violet,
  • Waxcap - Dark Red & Deep Green


  • Spineflower - Vivid Yellow, Vivid Lilac, Warm Moss, Deep Slate, & Strong Cobalt
  • Cloneflower - Stark Viridian, Bright Moss, Deep Lilac, Bright Violet, & Vivid Yellow
  • Gladflower - Bright Tan, Deep Slate, Warm Moss, & Stark Yellow
  • Ghostflower - (very few of each) Green, Vivid Azure, Shadow Cerulean, Warm Magenta, & Vivid Mustard


  • Gnarled - Dark Green, Deep Green, & Deep Viridian
  • Verdant - Shadow Green, Dark Green, & Black
  • Barbed - Deep Green

Are there request and planting lol

Also - Lobby has been redesigned. New Pictures coming soon.

Making progress on the upper floors, but still some work to do. And will probably redo the shop entry on 2F. The tree feels really heavy and it’s not so straightforward getting between 2F and 3F. So… in progress!

I will take special requests for specific colors you need! But you’ll have to hire someone else to plant grass seed… LOL

Mmmmk what are your prices on grass then shin-chan in Very Large Quantities lol you know how me’s build I’m redoing Grass in 2 spots but can me a Lazy :cookie: sometime lol

:laughing: you are a wonderful :cookie:

I’ll PM you and we can work out a custom order. :heart:

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Thanks for fulfilling my order. Definitely recommend this shop! Customer service is top notch!


3.9.21 Restocked


  • Verdant - Strong Green (over 10k seed), Shadow Blue (Over 7k)’


  • Exotic - Ashen Taupe (4K)
  • Lush - Cool Taupe (8k)

And in other news - The Shop entryway has been remodeled. Shopping malls and hubs now open up directly onto the shop floor. (Compass Hub, PS, Rainbow Mall, and DK Mall).

Ultima and Fortune Hubs are outside the building so if you’re coming from there you will need to go inside and up to the 2nd floor.

Personal Portals are available in the lobby - 1x2 and 2x2 sizes along the east wall. If you’d like a bigger portal please send me a message and i can get you set up!

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Also - Big thank you to my customers! The plants, fungus, and flowers often sell out faster than i can keep the shelves stocked. If you are looking for a specific color let me know and I’m happy to put them on the list!

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