KONGREGATE placing strikes on youtube videos

hi guys i have received copyright and a strike on my youtube by Kongregate on my old video back april 28 2020

Video title: boundless
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-1DXnVJLaI
Removal request issued by: KONGREGATE
Contact info: lnseka@kongregate.com
and some reason video wont play when i countered it but i made big beeboo, i thought it was “The Outer Worlds”, then when i play video it show boundless

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In your creator dashboard, does it say what music track was playing?


It doesn’t even state why. Was it video, soundtrack, or? :thinking:

they took whole video down and giv a strike

Got one as well for a video from 2018. I’ve reached out to kongregate requesting further information on my channels strike. This is really confusing as the video was produced and uploaded within the terms of use as set forth by wonderstruck. To get a strike from a company that didn’t own the game at the time of the video upload is pretty shady.

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yes wonderstuck
but i dont think email will any good
because i got 6 video from 2020

my not a warning at all

It seems to have been a misunderstanding somewhere, as Monumental was trying to fix the original issue with the Boundless Soundtrack getting people copyrighted.

what their email


ty i will email them

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I’ve requested assistance from the boudless support email you posted as well.

This is very frustrating as these strike are erroneous and could really in someone loosing their entire channel over an error.

they could 2 more times and kill it

Absolutely correct.

Fighting a strike is nearly impossible.

Carefull making Boundless videos as it is not worth it loosing you channel.

I had a strike removed previously and it wasn’t too fun, but it’s doable.

Since Monumental owns Kongregate I’m sure they can issue a retraction.

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I don’t share your confidence when it comes to the given copyright strikes.

Time will tell.

after that video i will stop doing streaming on youtube

It’s Youtubes mistake they’ll be removing the strikes too. Please don’t fear monger, we’re doing everything in our power to get this set right.