Krasnians settlement - Berlyn "The Great Tree"

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Pretty much a solo project with exception of one structure built by “Duskey”

The largest structure is “The Great Tree”…was a lot more work than I had imagined…within the great tree are portals to some outposts (tiny) I built 1 vulpto, 2 Andoween, and 1 on Nasherill.

The Berlyn town (with The Great Tree as its centerpiece) “Krasnians” took a long time to build in a small valley completely surrounded by small hills… tunnels were constructed for easy access in two directions. A 3rd tunnel was built to test underwater stuff… In the courtyard by The Great Tree is an ice statue worth checking out and also the frozen (and we think errr HOPE is dead) dangerous Rixillian creature with its signature glowing red eyes. Further on is a bridge design that is simple yet interesting looking.

In the opposite direction from The Great Tree is the biological nightmare plant: GRANTULA VARGAS discovered aprox 1 mile UNDER the lava core within the bowels of Vulpto in a freak cave discovered quite by accident. A lot of the members of the expedition died in getting some seed pods. All of them died except one which grew in our containment biome with atmosphere, etc of Vulpto here on Berlyn. The security barriers are super strong for if this biological menace were to break containment our scientists have concluded ALL Life on Berlyn would be dead within three or four days…

Definitely stop by before either the Rixillian or the Grantula Vargas gets away from us and wipes Berlyn into the dustbins of History…

Berlyn Coordinates: -661N , 89E , Alt 67