Lack of experience from crafting(..and hunting) broke the level system a little bit


Agree, since new chisel update is coming, game is focused on a different kind of building stuff that isn’t just “squared”, it already has good variants on this it should have a boost on xp to act as incentive for chiseled structures, also it’s lots of fun to play with that.

i don’t actually agree with this, because what if you have someone that wants let’s say furniture on their normal house, it would have to level some alt just to place stuff on the ground. Maybe make those structures placeable for everyone but extra xp rewarding for just builders like “If you have X amount of skillpoints spent here it boosts x% XP when placing X tier blocks”; and make that boost depend on another main skill under the same branch to unlock it, so it forces players to take a route on the skilltree (because hey, everyone could stack XP boost from skills and then refund them)


You know, I utterly misinterpreted the meaning of the second part… sorry!

Now that I’ve re-read it, I’m far more on board with the idea of a passive per-points minor increase in experience gain, though I do still have misgivings. I’ll admit I could be me overthinking things, but I think still might leave generalists behind. If, as James has stated, the goal is to have a roughly equivalent XP-per-hour rate for all players, then this would break that principle. Specialists would have increased skills spent in a single tree, and so access to an activity that earns more experience per hour than someone who has a lot of different activities that earn less. I would be concerned that people would feel the need to specialise, in order to more efficient.


I think the idea would be that you get a builder to do it for you.

Even if it wasn’t, how is this really any different than if someone came to the forums and said “…, because what if you have someone that wants let’s say, to take some normal materials and craft something out of them, it would have to level some alt just to make anything nice”.

I’m not having a go, I really want to understand the mindset that seems to separate crafting from the rest of the skills.


I was pointing out at the idea that @havok40k said:

Which makes the action of placing itself skill restricted, and that shouldn’t be a thing, ever, for the sake of building. Unless you want to force the entire server to level up an entire branch of a skilltree.

It’s like basics of -Do- and -Do Not- when you’re going somewhere with an idea.

This could be easily adapted by merchants, it can be reduced to a few questions* having in mind that everyone can do everything in the game, just not at the same time or speed, merchants could learn this part of the skilltree aswell

How many skills there are?, are we limiting the amount of branches a single character can cover?, if so, whats the skillpoint amount needed to max it out?, how many levels will that take?

Maybe re-do some maths on a new skill tree prototype after this is settled


For example, come across a rare creature for 10x XP, come across a rare block for 10x XP, forge a special enhancement for 10x XP, building (… unknown any ideas?), exploration (… find a special location?). (Someone will have the genius idea we need to fold in for all different styles.)

What about for building you get the bonus xp for building with previously mentioned rare block… or a bonus for building with other players (like guild members).

The only real thing i can think of for an exploration bonus would be to tie it into a combat bonus like in guild wars 2 where an exploration bonus is awarded based on how long a creature has been alive in the world before it was killed. or A bonus separate from feats that gives exp for discovering all regions on a single planet.