Lack of trees or stone! How would we tackle this?

I was recently thinking about lack of recources on worlds. what if all the trees where cut dow, how will the devs tackle such a big problem?
Whe could add that thing naturaly grow back over time but how would we control this?
I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on this matter and ideas how to stop this from happening! :chester: :lester:

World regeneration, have been mentioned by the devs and they are working on it, basically anything not in a beacon will get put back to a pure state again and materials would be scrambled (something along these lines)

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I hope so, or the landscape would be destroyed very quickly by mining and battles. Imagine the destruction of a titan battle, especially if they last hours. There would be nothing left…

True but will we have weapons that can destroy a chunk of land with no problem and can be used freely

Like TNT on minecraft you have to craft them and you only have a set number depending on how much you craft so if we had something similar it probably wouldn’t used in fresh combat. Also will titan be free roaming or even on the surface at all. If not then it wouldn’t be that much of an issue

I hope titans free roam. You could communicate with nearby cities to warn them if you spot one, like a neighborhood watch kinda deal.

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Think they said it will be in a titan biome so you cant just get your build stomped down.

I can’t quote an exact post, but it was suggested that they would be confined to a sort of “titan biom”, but free roam inside that biom.

Ha. too slow.

I’m on a phone :frowning:

i’m pretty sure they mentioned that they’re sworn to guard an Oort Temple. I’m excited to see what these ruins will look like on release.

World regeneration: basically everything outside of a Beacon reverts to it’s original stare after X days/hours/weeks tbd

I like the idea of world decay if someone doesn’t builder login for a while then the natural elements could take over their building destroy overtime. just an idea

That will happen for sure if they aren’t in a beacon zone and maybe even there if the community wants beacons that wear off.