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I think the pure Rose timber is new too :+1:t3:

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if I’m not mistaken it came on a previous exo… but it is only an exo item so worth collecting if you like the color :slight_smile:

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Was on another exo, but it’s not on permanent planets so good news for those who missed it :smile:

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What are exos like for feather drops? Are they better than T6?
Also, what’s the best sling bow to take to an umbris world? I’m, assuming rift or blink?

I’ve found the T7s are awesome for hunting feathers asthe majority of them are the higher level ones which have increases drop chance I believe.

Compare the difference between the roadrunners you see on T5 vs T6 for instance, lots of plain old “roadrunner” on T5, very few on T6.

However in saying that though… T7 terrain can be a nightmare for hunting on and umbris even more so. I have come across a few blink planets that hard very large wide open friendly spaces for hunting.

In terms of which bow, either rift or blink will work, only umbris bows will suffer a resistance penalty there. Rift bows arent much good for long range sniping as forging extra range on them is pointless unless you also forge extra projectile speed on them, so I’d almost recommend a blink bow and using a crit damge/chance build, forge and pie.

Personally I stick to my shotgun style bows for roadrunners. I use a full stealth spec with a super innocuous brew and this allows me to walk to point blank range and shotgun them.

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Depends on the terrain. Some areas are easy to hunt. Like bes can be easy cuz the ice. Me personally I have an area I hunt for feathers. But I have noticed the “big” RRs more on the exos than regular worlds.

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The new umbris planet is so pink when ur topside it’s crazy

Great planet, tons of goo and good umbris spots. \ o_o /

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