Lag on Lapas! = RAGE QUIT

@ben, @james, @dave, The Lag on Lapas is crazy and there are only 2 of us on the server and we haven’t really built or changed much today…is there a way to adjust something? My Latency is only in the 30s but, I noticed when I destroy/place blocks…the latency goes up into the 400s!! I am on the East Coast in the US and so is Lapas…HELP!!

Thanks so much!

PS: can we add @Larfleece, @FrostyCupCakes and @Semiroundpizza8 to the Lapas Capital permissions so they can help with the build?



In Wardin, when I warp / teleport two / three km, it’s also a big lag after…

There’s also an bug with the grappling hook.


Aww, we weren’t forgotten about. P.S. my apologies on minimal building progress, I’m working a part time job at a movie theater and Avengers opening weekend is kinda messing with my play time. :frowning: Also, I had this problem a few times myself the past few days. Thought it was just me, cause restarting the game seemed to solve it every time.


Sorry guys. We will look into this today.

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Hello there! We tried reproducing this issue without any luck. If you manage to reproduce this issue again, can you let us know. Any additional information could be useful. Thanks.

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First: Grapping Hook: When you’re in a world, grap / snap / snatch (?) with the grappling hook a block, … teleport a big distance (for example 3 km), then the grappling hook is still unfree… and want to bring you back, near to the last point of beeing before. … So… …

Second: When I teleport from the Capital to my home place (ca. three km distance), it’s a big lag.

Oh I think I know what your saying @Lungta21. Where If you teleport home or to the capital while grappled to the block you were just at, it immeadiately tries to slingshot you back you where you were? I feel like it’s a known bug cause everyone I play with knows about it. You lag really hard because your computer is trying to load so many blocks/chunks/entities at once. For now, just don’t be grappled when teleporting. :smile: If you wanna reduce lag generally, turning down your settings obviously helps. My computer isn’t the super power it used to be so I play on the 32 bit version and have everything on low/off. May no longer be the prettiest thing in the world, but at least you can still play smooth-ish and you’ll get used to the new look.

@Apocalyptica, @Grey707 and I are making a road on Lapas right now and the lag is insane!! any devs around to take a look? i know its super late in the UK :frowning: :nysad:

Awww, everyone gets on the few days im not :frowning:

AWW sorry, i will be on tomorrow too :smile:

Devs…it seems to happen when more than one person is on and building/breaking blocks. 3 of us were on last nite and everytime we tried to get rid of dirt or leaves on a tree…the lag was crazy. restarting helps but only for a little while. Is it because too much is happening at once? :nysad:

I’m going to investigate this - because I’ve experienced is as well.

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Thank you @james!

Hi @james I wonder if the portal to Ruchs is contributing to all the lag on Lapas? It makes is soooo hard to do anything :frowning: should we dis able the portal for now until they work better?

Yep - we can easily remove it.

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thank you…just until it all works better and Lapas itself doesnt have so much lag :frowning:


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What machine config are you running? (CPU, GPU, OS, RAM, drivers, OpenGL or DX11 runtime)

This is my machine at the moment. Running DX11, Windows 10 with the latest drivers. (Deleted last comment - don’t like being a negative person)

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I was just on Lapas. Even away from the center of building my frame rate hovered around 17Hz, and the “ping” time showed as 100-110ms.

I get the same performance in the most heavily-built part of Ruchs, so I wonder if it’s not “too much stuff in one place” syndrome. (Especially when things come with particle effects or there’s too much grass as ground cover.)