Lag on Storial

Not sure if it is on my end or server side, Latency shifts from bad to really bad. Destroyed blocks float for 15-20 secs before disappearing etc… Starting work on capitol and its slowing progress pretty significantly.
Just wondering if you guys can look into this. Thanks!

Edit: There doesn’t seem to be any lag when it comes to fall damage or pig damage. Only when altering terrain. Maybe a server restart?

Edit #2: Has become unplayable. I will often find myself being “thrown” around the map or looking in a random direction, which often results in me falling to my death unable to retrieve my inventory. I tried tethering myself to the ground with the hook at all times but even that would sometimes fail. Like I said not sure if it is something on my end…

Hello there. Sorry about this. We will look into this today. We assume that…

  1. You have a good internet connection
  2. Using the closest server.
  3. Playing the Steam version and not the web version.

Thank you.

I assume my internet connection is stable, It is a US East server (which is where i am), and I am using steam. I have provided a speedtest below. Thank you :smile: