Lag on Tana VII?

Is it just me or …?

I can’t move on that server anymore. This started happening around 5h or so ago. I played in the morning and there were no issues. I don’t experience any issues on other servers.

Not lagging for me currently. I forget, what region do you live in IRL?

East EU, but Gyosha Ophin and other US E/W worlds are ok. Just Tana has a constant unplayable connection.

When this happens to me I just give up and log off. A couple hours later it usually works fine. Sorry, I know that I am not providing much help or insight. It is irritating when the connection problems spring up.

Unplayable is weird.

But I definitely have more lag on Tana than at Gyosha mall. Maybe the server is going bad?

@lucadeltodecso @james

Tried again, still bad. The lag is so bad that I walk forward, and 5 sec later I get teleported to another location. Almost fell down 3-4 times :smiley:

Yeah, that’s pretty weird.


95 percent of the time when I go through a portal to anywhere I get the unplayable connection message but then it goes away after about 1 or 2 seconds. Is that on my end?

I found that this is an issue with the hardware. I have a 2014 iMac and a 2019 MacBookPro. On the iMac it happens to me to, after I portal I need to wait a couple of seconds, also when starting the game, I have to wait like 10-15 sec (for assets to load?). On my Pro everything works perfectlly smooth, no problems. Btw, I tried the lag issue on the pro, same thing.

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