Lag so bad it made me drop 84 gleambow sacs :(

I NEED A REIMBURSEMENT. ;-; the lag made me drop them during a gleambow hunt ;-;

Are you able to provide more information?

i dropped then during a lag bunch gleambow hunting and another person took them ;-;

How did you drop them? Trying to move them in your inventory? Dumping rubbish and accidentally dumped the sacs?

Many people have a horror story like that, User error when rushing during a laggy UI moment, which then causes you to be more careful in the future!

I remember when I dropped 380+ oort on a Shedu hunt…I just said in chat…congrats


looked in my inventory a little bit to check my inventory. i didnt notice i dropped it after lag made me close it. and when i opened it up again, i had 2 sacs!

I once dropped a full inventory’s worth of refined rift :frowning: Please give it back to me devs!




Bummer, that really sucks. But you probably really really made someone’s day! So at least you got to be accidentally nice.




I’ve got a real good (or should I say bad) one… dropped a HUGE stack of brews while on an exo once. :woman_facepalming: I know I shouldn’t carry around so many but… ouch.

This is why in suggestion threads I sometimes mention a loot filter… might be the thing on top of my QoL wishlist. Especially during Gleambow, would be a massive help not picking up every piece of tallow, blood, grass seed, soil, ect.

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Send coords off house so devs can drop 84 gleam meteors in ya garden I will come help ya :grin:

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Split ya goods tuff in more stacks so inv doesn’t accept the other stuff


i once was laggy and destroyed a request basket with 6 mill once when someone popped up with loot stick and gotten my money
do i still have some sort of warranty devs?

moral of the story suck it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I’ve done this with Oort stone before, it is what it is…

I’ve dropped half a smart stack of rough oort during a hunt. I was vacuumed up by another player who probably did not even notice at that instant. I had been a long hunt already and at that point I quit the game and didn’t play the entire day again (unusual for me at that time).

Stuff happens, sadly…

The workaround is to dump all your junk once and split stacks into singles to fill your inventory. Still, it’s not the best.