Lagging hard on EU planets

Just started at 10pm est
Chicago comcast

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Yeah its been rough for few days now

I’d say since right after Halloween. Did you guys change something @james?

Lag fixed?

I’ve also had really terrible lag on the EU planets. I’m in South Carolina. It’s been really bad since the event was released.

This has been an issue for a few weeks now, the lag has increased somewhat overall.

Same. James had original hopes for the lag to decrease given the last big update. My rendering still is very bad and now the lag makes my brain hurt. Lol

We have not made “any” changes to the networking whatsoever, the recent changes were rendering changes which are to do with your fps, not (network) lag.

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Ye its definetly the network. Not fps, fps feels better actually~
Might be the new home planet though ; P

Getting whiplash from the rubberbanding on Maryx lol .

Haha why is “any” in quotes?

I wonder why it’s different if there are no netcode changes. For sure it has been worse on and off since Halloween. Spooky.

because i’m not used to using bold text, so I use “” instead.

Most of the latency behaviours when connecting to servers far away and particularly across continents is not dependent on the servers at all, but on the routing provided by your ISP; one of the reasons using a VPN can improve things because they tend to give you good quality routing instead of whatever is cheapest for the isp.

Yeah, I’m gonna have to try the vpn route. Can anyone recommend any of the various vpns that cost $20-30 lifetime use? Or are those all trash.

you lagging on EU worlds ? today ? i have since weeks problem on all US and AUS worlds… i can only play on EU (and yes i am from EU ) if i want play on non EU worlds I need to use a vpn every time…

you are unhappy because 1 day XD i have the problems since some weeks… i can’t go farm and i can’t go hunting… ~100 fps but unplayable ping…

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:frowning: I feel for you my friend
Nah it was more than a day, it was a week. But previously its been months at a time.