Lags on US East Servers

Somehow, after 207 drops the game began to behave strangely. Terrible lags on US east and AUS servers. logically the problem should be at my end, but in two years I have never had problems with the connection. Аnd they started specifically after 207. Sooo… I have several questions 'bout dat:

  1. Did anything change in the “network” section? Maybe i can tune something?

  2. Where can i find exact server addresses to ping test them directly?

  3. Why my Debug Mode doesn’t work (F1 do nothing)?

  4. Some help and suggestions maybe?)

For the debug menu there’s now an enable button you have to switch. Esc-> Options -> scroll to the bottom and it should be there, then just F1 as per usual


Support is soo supportive here…

Being frustrated is understandable, but being sarcastic when someone has helped you AT ALL will definitely discourage others from trying to help. Check your chunk download rate under network settings, and see if it’s high/low. You can also check your latency graph in the debug menu.

I’m not frustrated. Just was hoping to get actual support from the staff in the “support” section on official forum. But now i see, that i was wrong. And i am much appreciated to @Veitsi. At least now i know that my spikes 1900 ms high :smiley:

If you don’t like my sarcasm you can just ignore my topic, no big deal)

I also have horrible lag on US East, Alder, specifically. No lag in other games, good latency with speedtest. Ping is 200-500.

I don’t have lag on any US or EU servers, but the AUS servers since Monday are terrible.

I was building on Monday on Flan, then suddenly it actually became impossible. I was teleporting everywhere, not doable.

Since then most of the time all AUS servers are a no-no, which is a crying shame since a few of the new planets on AUS servers are really nice!

Makes things worse tho that you have to go thru them to even reach some of the new planets that aren’t located in AUS.

Also since Monday I do experience the occasional lag spike on EU and US servers but not bad enough to make it unplayable.

Also, EU servers used to be around 50-55ms for me, now it hovers more around 85-95ms, US are the 100-110ms, AUS have always been 195-205ms but now have way too many jumps to 250+ or 400+

Something happened with the servers and something needs to be done about this ASAP.

Please share a screenshot of your Latency History (in the debugging details) and Network Latency when you experience a bad connection.

You don’t know this.

In general when a player normally experiences a decent connection and then it becomes worse it’s local contention with your ISP or Internet weather on your route to the server.

We track and monitor the game servers very closely and have alerts setup on many realtime metrics. If the servers were having problems we’d report it. The servers are not the issue.


So you’re telling me it’s just that I and all the other Europeans I play with suddenly have bad connections?

Heck, that same evening we tried a hunt on Malu, we had to quit because WE ALL had the connection issues…

You should come along on such a hunt a see what happens…

I’m sorry, I love you guys but your reply is kinda pissing me off right now, something changed last Monday and many people can’t use the AUS servers from the EU…


Yea ive been having issues with connection to AUS servers.
Something happened around monday im sure too.
Maybe hunts causing this? We went there hunting and some ppl started lagging. Im avoiding that region now as mich as i can. But when i travel through im still having issues.
Im on PS4.

also from EU.


I am having a bad lag in Lasaina