Lake - adv. coils starting at 990!

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Sochaltin I

A solo build with various points of interest, that I’m continually adding to.
I’m hopefully improving over time and while I certainly appreciate any thumbs up from visitors, I build for my own enjoyment :slight_smile:
Will be updating this thread with new additions and some random events every once and awhile, giving away free goodies!

To help fund this, I sell Advanced Coils, from 1500 forge and mixers at 2000 due to high demand vs effort needed)

pop by and say hi,

Portal Seekers Lamblis hub
Pawn Shop
Ultima Mall
and many more

(new thread as top post on the old one could no longer be updated.).

Looking for a cheap advanced coil shop!

you can jump down the middle of both these towers (left one can climb up, right one has portal to top from my shop hub)



It’s once more time for a game.
I’ve hidden 50 shop stands around my build with lots of goodies (forged /unforged gem tools, food, full stack of oort shards, black gleam etc) all for only 1c each.
Some are easy to find, some less so.

Good luck!

and let me know by posting here if you find anything good!

hints. bring a grapple.


Oh my goodness how I wish I wasn’t at work right now. I love this idea of hiding things around a build.


This is my third one but guaranteed it won’t be the last…will try to catch you on your day off next time :wink:

also, some good stuff wasn’t found for over a week last time…had to give hints in the end!


Ooh, that gives me hope! I was going to start my alt later tonight… but I think this might be what I do tonight instead haha.


Great idea. Was thinking of doing the same thing at my places.


Found diamond hammer, shovel, teaching pie, two deco topaz stands, storage block stand, glass stand, black glass and amethyst chisel on the tripping tight maze thing (that’s only one bought) still searching having more fun trying to find them. Thank you


Oh no, they’ll be all gone :frowning:

It’s ok, good luck in your search!


I located 5 decorative topaz blocks.


Glad stuff being found…signing off now (sleep/work) so I’ll see whats left, if anything, tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:


I haven’t found any! :confused:


Wow for that tunnel system you have down there and thanks for the treasure hunting game.
Found oort shards (great place for hiding those), persisting pies, 2 diamond shovels and 3 gem slingbows

Still so much to see


I died a lot, but I did find a golden fist and a diamond hammer. So there’s that! The diamond hammer itself made it worth it


There were fifty stands, ovis, fifty!:wink:

Gz on the oort shards!

Well done! Now you can get back to making an alt :slight_smile:


ooo nice! my main just got to level 50!
I’ve been saving my rewards, i had 14 saved up :smiley:
time to spend all my coin again!


Gz on lvl 50! (about time!! :grin:)


I would have found more, but my grapple broke. I think I kept going up the wrong way on just about everything. Seeing all the different stuff was pretty cool, the rocket was really cool.


I’m as embarrassed as you think I am, that I didn’t find a single one. :joy:


Still finding the odd stand with stuff on them… Nothing fancy though… Some iron weapons, lanterns etc.
I know some peeps are nice and don’t always take stuff they don’t need.

Also, have lowered Coil prices to keep up with current trends and have plenty of all types in stock.

Still too expensive? Then you can check for best prices and stock levels on the Boundless trade network