Lake - adv. coils starting at 990!

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I love how you took over the forge market by storm with your cheap + volume standards. Really made the game open up for a lot of folks who had been holding off buying coils for such a long time.


Makes me feel like I need to up my coil prices a bit.


Your coil prices are the cheapest by far.


And still nobody wants to pay the price lol.


Really? When I went the other day you were all sold out! I’ve since gotten my complete set of coils so now I’m not in need as much. Until I try to set a second up at my first big build.


The first few sold really quickly, then I started crafting in bulk and nobody has bought any lol.


Hmm. Well, I’d just recommend leaving them there for a moment. Maybe it’s simply because the amount of players that are playing now haven’t made it to needing coils or already finished them.


Demand has been dropping off for a while as the player base gets to a point where they either have enough, can make their own and also make enough to start selling coils themselves.
a new influx of players would help :slight_smile:


I got a few, since I wasn’t playing much lately and was behind with resources and still want more machines with full set up.
Great price, thanks a lot!!:sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Reduced again :slight_smile: now from 1500


Oh my o.o That’s so cheap. How are you making profit on the centraforge and mixer ones?!


If you mine all the resources, it’s 100% profit.


I’ll concede. Well, 100% profit if you don’t buy your hammers either haha.


True, but some hammers aren’t that expensive.


That’s true. I’m curious, where do you usually get your hammers? Forging is one of my favorite things about this game even though so many hate it lol.


The shops at legendville.


I’m happy to buy cheap coils but this gives me flashbacks to eve online :smiley:

You’re probably taking a loss on these, and time is money too.


request basket: rough oortstone 170 / 400k budget

plus more forge and mixer adv. coils in oven…ready soon!


I’m really not bothered if I’m taking a loss.

I love mining, i love gathering, I love hunting and I love crafting.

I don’t see the point of having millions of coin, with nothing to spend it on.

I’d rather help others out.

I want Rift 🧐

Sure, as I said I’m happy to buy cheap coils so I don’t have a problem with it :slight_smile: Only wanted to make people aware that resources have value and if you sell the end result for cheaper than the resources themselves could be sold, they’re taking a loss on the business. But “charity” is always welcome ^^