Lake - adv. coils starting at 990!

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If you are mining for your own resources then how can it be selling at a loss? The OP may not be making as much coin as they could with higher prices and this may prove to be frustrating for shop owners that buy everything and then craft it, but in no way is the selling at a loss.

I think in general this is a good thing and part of how an economy works. Every player is going to place a different value on their time and if more shopkeepers charge less because they are actually gathering their own resources, then I am all for it. When I need coils, I certainly know who I am going to ask


All coils back in stock


How much are forge and mixer coils?


2000c for forge and mixers


Could you advertise your price for your own goods in your own thread rather than mine, please.
This thread is for my build and shop and while I’m very laid back, I certainly would not post my prices in your shops thread and would expect others to respect this.




Thank you (and your prices are good :+1:)


This is the worst thing about EVE online. And it permeates other games too. You’re treating the game like a job if that’s how you view it. And thats fine, but it completely ruins the entertainment of the game. You’re literally playing a job simulator in the way you view profit in games with that EVE mentality. It’s horrendous imo for gaming. People that spend their free time playing a video game, and use that time they play to gather resources, then to sale… that time they sat down was used for nothing else. Gathering the items and crafting the item is their payment and reward. What they charge for it in the video game should reflect what they feel the item is worth.


Ok. I’ve started a little project.
I’ve plotted a single wide, 2 high, path around the circumference of Sochaltin I.
This is the start of an idea (Iain M. Banks inspired) that has been simmering for a long while and I’m hoping it will grow from a small single path to something…else. Eventually.

I have tried my best to keep away from other builds (only encountered 2 builds along the way and only had to divert once ) but I realise that I might have encroached on other peoples expansion plans.
If any of my neighbours have an issue then please please talk to me…I will try my best to resolve and reach a compromise with any difficulties.


I wanted to do a path like that but at max height and make it look like one of saturns rings.

Look forward to seeing what you do :blush:


Yeah, someone had one up really high (not at max height though, I think) in pre-release and looked great.
Hoping this might become a feature at some point, even if only part of the way.
This path a lot of potential, for me, to try different things out…certainly gonna be keeping me busy :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s an author name I haven’t heard in a while!

Hmm… You’re going to build the wall from the cover of “looking windward” all the way around the planet?


more the girdle city from his last book, the Hydrogen Sonata.
Still makes me very sad that we’ll get no more culture books…Mr Banks passing was a great loss to the sci-fi (and other works of literature) world
Also, no walls here! :v:
Starting with a bridge, bringing people together (but only if they want to :grinning:)



I’ll take a set! 24 of each.


Well go go and stick your coin in my stand.
If I start to run out, I will replace but rather slowly (enjoying a little building project at mo)…my way of giving my competitors a chance to make some coin as well :wink:

the best of the rest:


More coils put out.
Going through a bit of a re-model at my hub at mo… Will be putting out more stuff for sale soon.


All fully stocked… open 24hours, 7 days a week.