Lake: all coils 950

cheap coils.

mixers and forge coils will appear from time to time, at same great price!

capital of sochaltin I

ps hub (lamblis)
ultima shopping hub
nova golda
and others

also visit some of my lovely neighbours!

or some of my builds…


there goes my piggy bank again. Somehow your coils seem to stay fresher for longer, best ingredients and love that “new coil smell” in my factory. Thanks!

Is this a new era of coil price slashes?!

well, they were 990 before so not sure if that counts as a slash , maybe more of a slight abrasion.

glad you noticed. I do actually put in a secret ingredient but, to be honest, you probably don’t want to know… somethings are best left a mystery…

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Is your shop called the lake

limited supply of forge (over 100) and mixer coils (over 400) up at 950 each.
plus some of the usual free rock from my mining trips.
and please someone sell me some oortstone…loads of coin in request baskets!

it is called “lake” and guild is called “the”.


More forge and mixer coils coming later today

edit: coils out

have had to reduce the number of hub portals due to oort shortage but still connected via PS lamblis, Ultima, Nova Golda and lots of smaller but fantastic peeps and builds.

1 mill in a basket for oort (200 each)

usual free rock


Do u want me to save your portal spot for you for now?

Unfortunately, no. Downsizing a tad.
Still love your hub and will still use it to visit other peeps.

all coils in stock, (950 each) and loads of coin in request baskets (especially for oort!!)

plus the free rock :slight_smile:

How do we get to the shop now? Is there an updated list of connections? :slight_smile:

Nova Golda still has a working portal!!

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Also large portal off the ultima shopping hub and the lamblis portal seekers hub :+1: :boundless:

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all coils back in stock (had a busy weekend)…
going to be starting on a new workshop but hopefully production won’t suffer.

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I don’t always buy coils, but when I do it’s almost always from Lake. Keep up the good work.


All coils in stock (over 700 extractors!) plus a load more cooking including a many, many more mixers and forge coils).
also a load of usual free rock for peeps to grab.

edit: load sold but whole batch of new stock out

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What planet are you on?

sochaltin I :+1:

have already sold out of workshop and mixers…someones expanding their workshop maybe :thinking: :sunglasses:

will have more out tomorrow :boundless:

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mixers definitely best seller at mo but more on way…everything else in stock