Lake shop : discontinued thread

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I’m it the point where it’s time for a big “power” push. I have 3k power on my refinery and I think workbench, but I’m sitting at around 2100 or less on the rest. I think the extractor is an exception. Either Diablo or PewPew dropped me a bunch (I hate that I can’t remember who it was).

But it’s time to look at taking out the regular coils, replacing them all with advanced, get everything completely powered, and set up power on my second set. Only one fully powered refinery is a pain.

I’ve already bought a few adcoils from you, expect more business in the future.

As a side note, I have regular refinery coils dropped to 1500c at this point, and still can’t sell them. I’m already taking a loss on the mats I bought to make them, lol.


Uh huh, I know you did!

I remember it quite well actually, funny story too! I had made 5 regular work bench coils myself and wanted to get to 1500 power but mining was slow as heck and couldn’t make advanced myself, thought it was a waste to make 10 regular ones extra only to then be able to replace them as soon as possible. So I scrounged for many days, hunting for baskets that asked for goods that I could gather or make (gleam lanterns were easy to do back then and there was a shop on beckon who bought 70+ daily, also borrowed some coils overnight from a neighbour so I could make some portal conduits to sell, etc., etc.) and finally on this Thursday morning I had enough coin! 24k coin, that was a lot of money for me back then!

So… I went to you and bought 3 advanced workbench coils, 8k a pop! Then all I had to do was make 1 regular one myself and I was on 1500 power. Happy as a clam!

Then, an hour or so later… servers went down… bomb mining was nerfed…


Yikes! So happy I found you that morning, that’s for sure! I wouldn’t have been where I am now without those coils you sold me!


I always have more titanium than silver/gold to turn them into alloys, sigh…


Yeah prices went super nutty for a bit right after bomb mining got nerfed…

They obviously came way back down but it took awhile for the best new method of mining to come into play as well as the buff to the Atlas making a huge difference in finding resources


And for PS4 working AT ALL helped quite a bit! Can you imagine I and other PS4 players went without a usuable atlas for months?


Yeah we had Ps4 members in Forgemasters… we knew the struggle. It was pretty ridiculous lol


Yup that’s why I never asked to be a miner for you. Didn’t want to hope to find some


shop update: out of mixers coils at mo (back in a couple of days) but plenty of all others in stock.