Land Regeneration and Mining advice?


I love the diamond tools! I want to make my own (although I have been buying some lately!)

I realized, in my diamond searching, that I don’t really understand how to mine effectively.

There is one mine that I have saved that is my ‘diamond mine’ I found and I go to it and gather resources including diamonds. The more I have visited the less diamonds I have found. Most recently when I visited I didn’t find any diamonds.

I did start exploring looking for additional mines to add to the network.

But am I mining in a bad way? How do other mine?

Questions I have:

Do other miners break random blocks as they explore to encourage that section to regenerate? For instance, if I don’t find diamonds in an area, should I break a few blocks and come back a few days later?

Do other miners bounce between a few different mines, or do you bounce between different resources? Example: On Monday I gather diamonds, Tuesday I gather Rubies…ect and that gives enough time for a mine to regen, and so I don’t mine it too much?

And, any tips or tricks for finding resources would be great!~

As it is now, I get more gems from hunting then I get from mining/searching for them lol


Sometimes you are able to mine directly down to mantle. Then if you strip mine near the bottom, finding diamonds is quite easy I find…


I can mine down to the mantles, but it’s tricky when trying to keep away from the lava. lol

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diamonds spawn more away from caves so strip mining away from caves in solid rock is best.
world regeneration and resource regeneration work independently of each other so no need to brake blocks in hopes of making rescorces spawn.
I have noticed that rescorces gems in particular do not like to spawn in the same location so it helps to have a few spots.

Ahhhh! So you are saying it’s better to just go to the planet and a spot and just mine down to the mantle away from the caves? I did not know this. LOL Well at least for diamonds.

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you may find this helpful


Yeah, that’s the one

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Forgive me, I have read that thread a few times since I started playing boundless and still a little confused. I am on andooweem now and just stopped in a random spot and started digging down. But it always seems I dig down into a cave. As Jeff mentioned mining in solid rock, if I did down into a cave should I start digging away from it or try a different spot?

Find out average cave ceiling level and mine horizontally above.
You can find different spots where there are no caves as well. Most likely.
It’s like that on Nasharil for sure. Some spots have caves from mantle to 40-60 height. Some areas you can dig through to lava level and no caves. You can strip mining just above lvl 15 then. Or lower if you are ready to hit lava pockets.

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Ahhh So basically you should be felxible? On Andooweem I have gone down to 5 and mined slowly one way in the rock but didnt see anything. Since diamonds are 5-30 I can go up a bit and mine away from the caves.

I found diamonds both in caves and solid areas. You find enough above lava level too. However as far as I know diamonds are connected to certain type of surface and you find more of them when there is flora above on top. I think it’s flora anyway. Not sure as there are other gems there and I might mix info about them now without checking.

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Thanks Bound for helping out! I guess it is just going to take time to learn where and how to look. :grin:

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just get a gem bow and go hunting in a group. You will find more gems hunting cuttletrunks, or meteor hunting in 1 hr than you ever will with 1 hr of mining.


Very true knight and what I have been doing. But eventually it will change so just trying my hand at mining and learning the ropes a bit. :grinning:


I do dis @Tagris

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This has been a very helpful discussion.

I went and tried a few of the tactics outlined here. I tried going below lava, above caves, around caves and at lava level. Overall, it was…interesting!

I found the most success in my diamond hunting by going to one above lava level and just mining in a straight line. Then, as I found caves, I would explore them (quickly, give them a look around), grab any diamonds/titanium I find and then head back to mining.

Overall, I did get a good amount of diamonds and EXP (as well as a lot of coal!).

How do you know what height you are at, and how do you know what biome you are in while underground? If I could know those two things, I would be able to target my exploring/mining.

I also do plan on joining the weekend hunts! It should be fun and a little bonus in gems! hehe


I use debug info for height information. F1 button. Biome; no clue.

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Save your location underground. Put yourself in a pocket and make Sanctum to move you up to the surface. Look around check what direction you make like to go. Warp back to saved location or move on surface to desired spot and start digging in a new area. If you don’t want to spend coins on warping back to your last spit underground you just dug back down there.

As for height you are at, apart from F1 debug info u might go to locations in your gui and check coords of your current block.

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Thank you @boundmore This was very helpful!

I double-checked the diamond post you shared and it looks like it is under dirt/sand (so desert ish) and I remember finding/marking a large desert, I will dig down and start exploring down below it to see if I can increase my yield.

I can also move and get cords to create a square under the desert so that I can dig and know I am staying under the biome.

I will update this thread with my results.

Ah and also when you find the right biome - save location on surface and check what directions the biome stretches from there and how far. Create a way point then to track that point. That way you will be able to control how far you go and what direction even when underground. Its a fairly easy way to stay within desired biome I guess.

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