[Lankarr] --[Umbris Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]

Buc owns us some umbris.

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nice caverns


Pretty good gleam spot:

Lots of chucks dotted about, some 2/3/4 thick as well.

Caution though, the cuttletrunks seem particularly keen on this gleam too, they hang around the best spots!

Also, bring a solidifier to make navigating the lava much easier!

Oh, and plot view helps as it tends to have a snow covering.

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That’s hilarious :joy:

Not my most lucrative mining trip ever, but boy it was fun trying!!

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Did you by any chance save the location of that last gleam location picture?

It is very close to the first pic, they are same basic area, just wandered to a different part of it. :slight_smile:

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anyone got gleam loc tokens?

Thanks for saying and keeping me from wasting my time on it.


What I got last night


Me If you are on rigth now I can give you one

ty, already found loc from one of pictures :slight_smile:

Youre welcome! The wood/plants are nice there if youre interested in collecting them.

I got 28 pieces of umbris today. We had to swim under the lava walls in the water and found them in one of the chunks in the sky. Atlas showed hot spot but there wasn’t quite the hot spot.

I was going to post this before and didn’t, but now that I got asked about wood spots I will - this is as decent a lustrous wood farming spot as I’ve found, up on this sky island (the one I destroyed for Umbris, haha).

It was a hotspot fot the % of umbris the world had. It was below 1% so not much really

Hi, I’m showcasing some blocks (woods, grasses, soils, stones, goos etc.) with some sample blocks for sale for 1 c from this exoworld in the basement of my shop “TDP Forge Supply.” It can be reached through the north side of the Portal Seekers Grovidias Hub right above the “Hunters Courtyard” sign and a few portals to the left of “The Golden Fist.” Stop by if you want to see some of the colors from this exo.

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What? Seriously? Man, I’ll never get enough for a mass craft at this rate. x.x

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Lets hope next umbris is better (and that we are on time for it lol)