Last Attack

this is a system that is used in SAO (an anime) where the person who got the last hit on the boss would get more exp and have higher chance to get a special rare item which would drop.


‘‘A Last Attack (止めの一撃ラストアタック, Rasuto Atakku?, abbreviated as LA), is the final strike on a monster, generally mentioned in boss fights or high level fights. A player who deals the Last Attack on monsters receives more experience and are more likely to obtain rare drops known as “Last Attack Bonus Rare Drop” rather than assists.’’

this is something i think would be cool.for titans, add a sort of competitism to killing a titan, but it might also be encouraging to not go all out because you want it, so i dont know, thoughts?


Stop it or the Beaters will steal our Rare drops! God damn you Beater!!!

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I really don’t like this idea as i have played way to many games where people have stolen my loot bthis way. It is mostly some idiot who runs in at last second and delivers the last hit, without really doing anything.


No Last hit please … it is just frustrating. This can only lead to trouble in teams.

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yeah im against the last hit gets the loot, but this is just a reward for more exp and higher chance for the rare item, but i get what you mean.

Thats the reason why it was only used in Dungeons where no random guy can interrupt ^^
Only one of your Group can get an last hit cause noone else is even abel to join you if youre inside. So it was in SAO and because the Titans are being outside every random idiot could steal the last hit. I guess @Zouls didnt think about that. But they shall be Dungeons, maybe there could this system work, also, only if the Dungeon cant be entered by other groups, at least not in the same instance.

It can, but instead of SAO The Bosses will spawn again :smiley: So you can make an deal with your Team that you will do it more times and everytime another guy is allowed to do the last hit. Just as one way, you should do Bosses/Titans with your friends anyway :smile:

It still would lead to trouble in teams. No higher chance for someone to get something (even mor EP, if there is a ep-system in game) on all costs, even in instances, cuz if one gets more, the other gets less … and people will begin to argue or trick each other.

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Maybe base it around highest amount of damage dealt instead of last hit?

they said they wanted to avoid instances. but no i didnt forget that, it still highly depends on whether there is creature tagging in the game like wow, if there is then it would be no problem.

also i still hold on that a titan should make a bubble when you attack it, a half circle with the radius of 50 meters that nobody can enter and nobody can leave. that way you kinda create an instance and you would avoid the problem, hopefully making a limit on how many people can be in it so it will knock out the rest.

would be even worse, THAT would cause elitism. also it would remove the lure of playing tank.

That would lead to supports that will never get an chance of the bonus.

but yeah it is pretty bad for teamplay, the titan should drop 1 random insanely good item that people would have to roll on or set it to master loot so it is controlled by the master who gets it.

its just an idea that is really cool and provide an incentitive to lasthit. but can be abused like any other system.

Because the support would normally get said bonus if it was last hit?

Not that i really think that it is a good idea that someone gets more than the others.

Exempt for this way of course.

what? 10 chars

No but they have an chance to get it and even if they dont have any, the team can let the support get the lst hit. In the other system the support doesnt even have an chance to get the Bonus, even if the team decides to give it to him.

also in continuation of thorbjorn’s thought, there might be a ‘‘scoreboard’’ when you have killed a titan to see dps, healing, and damage taken and the best of each gets a small bonus, would encourage dps to press on and healers to go nuts with the healing.

although there might only be 1 healer and 1 tank, so i dunno about that either. but that is what i would think could work atleast.

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I said that I didn’t really think that it was a good idea to give anyone more than others, and then i said that I don’t really have anything against rolling for loot.

That is a good point. The problem is that last hit would open for someone fully unrelated to the fight could come in and take the last hit.

For me no to a last hit system.



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