Latency tips

I really fell in love with flan (those trees!!) and built a workshop there.
Things got a little out lf hand and its now a starting to turn into a real monster of a workshop…
More like a factory.

But i live in norway… and the unplayable latency is filling me woth regret…
Is there anything i could dontp get better ping on australian servers?
Some dns stuff or something?

Help on this would be really appreciated.

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If you’re on PC then please share a screenshot of your Latency Histogram within the debug details.


I live in finland and i dont have unplayable. Its a lot but not unplayable. Although ive always had bit better connection to other regions

omgomg i got a dev answer! :+1::grin::v:t2:

Sadly im on the ps4, i have 100mbit down and 30mbit upload speed the last time i took a speedcheck.
All cabled up too.

If this really is not supposed to be like this should i talk about with my isp about it?

Føler jeg har disse problemene på de fleste planeter om dsgen.
Jeg bruker Altibox fiber

I feel I have these problems on most planets these days.
(The rest is just telling op what provider I’m using)