Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Could you guys pretty please also add this to portals? There it can count people going thru. Would make it easier to decide if a portal is even viable to keep open…


Heck, man, I don’t know. I left because it takes too long to do anything. You either grind forever to get mats to craft or grind forever to…get mats to sell.

I want to sit down for an hour and get my mats, craft my stuff and add it to my build. Not grind for five hours today so I might have enough stuff to craft tomorrow.


Please add the option to save the coordinates/location so that we can teleport directly.

Sometimes i found a shop completely closed from the outside or located underground, the only access was through a portal.

It will be another problem if the shop is on a sky mall.

Boundlesstrade has some info at least on how to get to the shop (albeit not all shops have the navigation info)


If you left why does it matter about the “potential” hit to ff from this?


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It’s probably his ‘light issue’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Because I miss the game, but all the changes have been headed in the wrong direction.


Only thing I care about is lighting. They could remove ff, coin, double mats required to make things and I wouldn’t care. Just give me better lighting and I’d be happy to play again.


Right? This is like a baseline expectation.

Except we already did this when the devs chose to support a third party system rollout.


I hope this manages to not be a self fulfilling prediction. Now I’m … less excited.

On a side note, I hope you mean quantity vs price. Like make it up on volume or something. What do you mean by that? Because when you need 15000 of something it’s not cool trying to get them 10 at a time.

I had some other stuff to say about low volume sellers taking advantage of limited visibility to put price pressure on people moving volume but, whatever. I mean, shenanigans are going to happen.


Yeah but you don’t usually craft stuff anyway :wink:

And I know, was just trying to tease ya!


True. Just forge mats. Everything else I’d pretty much buy.


Ahh, I still remember the extra bunch of request baskets I used to have right underneath the actual ones that ALWAYS had coin in them since they were unreachable but were picked up by the scanner!
Funny thing is that I felt I had to do this because they thought that empty baskets being listed would be incorrect data and make the site unusable and look at it now…


Can you explain to me the difference between quantity vs price, and price vs quantity? (i legit don’t know!)

Isn’t this exactly what my qoute is about? With this system you just look at what place has the most quantity available. Most people will gladly pay a bit more if the there’s more supply :slight_smile:

I feel like in my excitement i didn’t explain myself properly in my post, but it feels like we’re on the same page :slight_smile:


Maybe I missed some sarcasm?

For example when I needed a bunch of something and wanted to use (default sorted by price) I often had to hit the second or third page to find the quantity I wanted in one stop.

Sometimes the price difference was enough that I wiped out a couple of smaller vendors but, sometimes not.

So yeah, if you weren’t being sarcastic on purpose it’s probably just something I would have phrased differently.


Nothing in my post was sarcastic, it was all enthousiasm!
I’m not trying to roleplay my profile pictures character, i swear! :slight_smile:

However i must admit, this leaves me not entirely certain whether we agree or not haha!


I’m going to likely be the harshest critic here, since I’ve been talking about economic improvements for the better part of this year.

I think what you have built is great. Planetary listings are good, but because of human nature, you have other issues that now need to be dealt with.

  1. Blacklist for inaccessible listings. Do you do this automatically or do users have to figure this out on their own?
  2. Forged good searches. How do you search by rank and boons? No quirks or defects?
  3. Distance. Why walk when the shop right next to the warp pad has what you need 10% more? Location will become even more important, and with no way to effectively transfer plots, how do players utilize real estate?

This is a great first step. It needs to be said it’s great. I still think a warp token or other method would be superior, but if this was a clean way to search, and excluding inaccessible items, I would dig it.


There’s room in the system, as currently described, for small time sellers and trolls to create heavy downward price pressure on volume sellers because the truth is that most players won’t really be looking past the 16 cheapest sellers for any given planet/item. I’m not enthusiastic about that.

So when you say “it’s about price not volume” I assumed you were being supportive of this as a tool for pushing prices down, rather than a tool for actually boosting market volumes.

To be fair though, it wouldn’t take much to boost volume at this point. And there’s a good chance that on 10, 20, even 30 planets there may not be more than 16 vendors for any given item. I’m skeptical but overall happy to see the devs taking any action on this much needed aspect of the game.

If that means we have to fight, put’em up.




lol meanwhile someone was out beaconing, scanning, and unbeaconing random backwoods locations for luls …


Dang…some people need to find a new hobby or something - they are going to turn this place into a cesspool
4chan must be boring these days :stuck_out_tongue: