Leaving Boundless (not abandon ship let me explain)

It all began when i pop out of my mother and screamed TADA… :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


So 9-10 years ago i have ben put on sick pay under handicapped, as some may already know i sit in my room in the dark almost 24/7 because i have chronic headaches and chronic inflamed eyes. In my case if i sit for example a full day in the sun ill probably be out for a week because all i can do is sleep the pain away.

Still do.

In the past months i have had several surgery’s which for a lack of better words had some additional effects on my chronic stuff on top of my recovery so that is the reason I didn’t play as much.
This was all planned at the start of this year as COVID rules lightened up. (Non medical emergencies where a no no).

Now this past week i had one more thing on the agenda that had to be done (removed) which wouldn’t have as much as an impact on my health but it had to happen.

But got invited (not optional) to make an appointment at my insurance and that was on monday (19 sep) giving a reason why i still couldn’t go back to work.
It was explained to me things changed in the government and had to reach at least 66% of the new status. Would take a few weeks before i would know something at the very least and thats it.
Now Friday (23 sep) morning i got a letter of my insurance stating from 3 October i have to go back to work again.

I was furious more about how fast they made the decision (as the letter was sent on 21sep) then of having to work again.
The reason i was placed on sick pay hasn’t changed. And from day one I stated i need help with my condition as I rather work for my money then sit at home…

Now to the point….
There are a few things i know at this point.

I have one mor week to go with stitches in my leg.
In the next week i have to get everything sorted to go work again.
If the past is any indication (as I don’t work parttime) my workdays will keep me away from home 12-14 hours on average.
My PlayStation4 is running on its last legs has been a few months now.
My PS+ ends in January, my GC in 9 weeks.
And my probable work schedule will mean i have little to no time to game at all.
I am thinking of getting a pc at some point and fully go over to pc gaming.

So im not giving my mats away that I collected over the past years :wink: as i plan to return. But on most likely on pc.
I know im not renewing my PS+ because the chance is to high the console breaks and refuse to buy a new one.
I know i have to transfer all my mats across accounts at some point but all those possible forgotten beacons are an issue to. So GC will be waisted as it doesn’t transfer accounts. And this way all random beacons get collected.

Atm we are working on transferring the new section of DKMALL back to @DKPuncherello with the help of @monty1 and @james. (Hopefully this isn’t manually as it is almost 7k plots with problem areas.)
And Terra Nova’s [Lamblis] (will reclaim in 9 weeks) TNT and Ultima portals will probably move at some point. And all other portals will turn of in 4-5 weeks from next Friday (as i still plan to fuel the Terra nova portals once more).

This isn’t the end of my boundless life. I love boundless especially it’s community. Having no social life irl this community helped me in my worst possible moments in many many ways. So thank you all for that :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:.
This is also the reason why I will return at some point.
I will be lurking around on the forum, keep updated and say my say but in game i probably won’t show up for some time after 3 October.

Jeeezzzz what a long post :wink:


Heal as well as possible, do what you have to, look forwards to seeing you back in game eventually.


Do you wanna give me Soft Perms so I can throw Greater Fuel to keep your Beautiful Build Alive Tmmk-chan


As someone with frequent migraines, I wish you the best of success with your diagnosis and recovery. Let us know if you need anything.


Best wishes for a smooth recovery and bags and bags of marshmallows for energy!

It always pains me to hear that yet another person has to step away from something they obviously love due to irl. Especially if that is recovery from injury or surgery. Or for any other reason to be honest.

Keeping an eye on the forums as you feel able to will definitely help.
I was unable to play for 2 yrs. That’s how I kept up with game info.

Take things a day at a time. Or an hour at a time.

Keep us posted on your progress.

We’re all cheering for your eventual return. Woohoo!


Nice offer but when I return it will probably be on pc :wink: so will need to reclaim and rebuild everything then anyway. Now everyone has 9 weeks to relocate the portal and steel some ideas before it phoooofffs :wink:


I’m really sorry to hear how rough it’s been for you, sending good thoughts your way. Health stuff is the worst. It’s considerate of you to make arrangements for your community contributions, we appreciate it and hope you’ll be back sooner than later :crossed_fingers:


Do you need some Oort to keep your portals active for that 9 weeks? I can spare up to 12ss of shards.


Thx for the gesture :wink: but the big ones are taken care of :grin:

Got the oort for the small ones just not sure if i will be able to login again before it all goes :wink:


Sending you cosmiccori hugs Tmmk & im wishing upon my magic star that things work out for you & especially your health ,i admire your building talents.Your hubs are divine & brighten my day up tootling over your hub at dk to go shops.Take care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Want to just transfer it to me?


The mall yes as mats where provided for the mall and gained by the mall to build :wink: Terra Nova…. Nop want to keep me stuff…

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Read your sign on the floor at TN and thought I’d check it out on here.
That’s a tough situation to be in. Sad that these companies lack any form of decency and understanding. I wish you the best even if I have no idea who you are or whatever but people who face hardships and the strength they show when having to deal with it always gets my respect so I thought I’d say hi.

Get better. Best of luck.


Just quickly fueled te Beacons of the main structure (Terra Nova) it is the last time ill fuel it :wink: so somewhere mid/end December it will reclaim for good.
(Shops and the way old road north will go in 5 days).


Are you sure you don’t want me to fuel it for you til the day you decide to return @Tmmk chan


Yes im sure :wink: @BabyCookie


I don’t really know you @Tmmk but I read the post and seeing you having to go back to work - how has it been now? Apologize my curiousnes, just seem like an interesting event after being on sick leave for such an extended amount of time! Hope you are doing well all above things considered!


Very frustrating :rofl::joy::rofl: mostly because you have to get back in to the work routine. Also the adjusting how you go at it is challenging at times with the still there chronic stuff and other conditions there are…
When I finally get home im exhausted and just eat and sleep :wink:.

To go into the details is boring (plus doesn’t make any sense when i read what I wrote).
But basically yeah it takes some doing to get back into the “groove” (after so much time) and juggling that around.


Best of luck to you with all that’s been going on @Tmmk sad to know your leaving for now. I hope to see you again one day in boundless on a new pc :slight_smile: