Legendary Oort Weapons ("Gold sinkers")

These endgame weapons could be used as a “gold sink” as well as serving a purpose to keep on playing the game for those hardcore players. Players that traveled to the highest tier world possible can go back to lower tier worlds and hunt down the titans for these weapon pieces. That way, they can both help new players and benefit themselves at the same time.

       Gathered from the shards and relics of every fallen titan. Forged and carved with basic stone and wood. These weapons can slash or pierce the fabric of space and time to create a portal to any world you wish at the cost of its corresponding rift shard.

Color changes in different worlds

Stats and functions:

  • The same as the current highest tier weapon available, except this has a special ability to create a personal portal in front of you.
  • Durability depends on the amount of Oort shards you put into it. If all Oort Shards drained, it becomes tier1 and only acts as a basic weapon(no personal portal) until you add more shards.
  • to teleport to a different world, it only requires one rift shard from the world you wish to travel to.

Particle Effects:

  • Square gems orbit around weapon, morphs into a sharp edge (example is dagger) during combat
  • square sparkles fall gently from your weapon.
  • Crystal Color Changes depending on what world you’re on.
  • Square gems disappear when your weapon is sheathed.


  • Rare Oort artifacts dropped by titan (all tiers)
  • 100 or 500 Rift shards from titan (all tiers)
  • 1,000 or 10,000 common logs and stone


  • Oort weapon can be upgraded simply by crafting the current weapon with the new rift shards and artifact.

If there are any better suggestions, balances, and other concept ideas, feel free to draw/write them in here :smiley:

Latest weapon concepts (will update to add more):

Community Suggestions (will organize when more suggestions pile up):

  • replace collecting thousands of common logs and stone with collecting rare woods/metals/stones instead.
  • only made on special crafting benches.
  • remove portal creation ability and replace with giving each weapon a unique combat skill.
  • remove cost of oort shards to summon portals/warps.
  • replace portal creation with singularity skill.
  • remove portal ability, but make it aesthetically beautiful and have stats equal to highest tier weapons.

Hope I understood them all correctly.


Wait you just drew these? how do you go about your art? I can’t even read the program I’m using.

uhh. rapier. nice.

i cant believe this mate, you could easily make a living by doing this, and i sincerly hope you do, because anything other than that would be a waste :smiley:

are you using Photoshop? It’s basically like traditional painting. Except you can undo and mask without masking tape :smiley:

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you can only do up to a certain size of file so that is why.

Actually, I accidently saved the jpeg in low quality :sweat_smile: it’s fixed now!

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I would love to have legendary weapons like you suggested, but there doesn’t need to be a special function (like the portal). For me just having a really special skin that shows that I worked for weeks or month to get it (like in gw2) :wink:

What’s about different legendary items for different kinds of game play style. For example there could be a neat pick for which you need masses of rare mats, or a wanderers staff for which you have to find many rare pieces that are shattered around all worlds. I think that would be great for those hardcore gamers that don’t play to kill titans :wink:

Nevermind about your ideas, your art is so pretty!
I do like the idea though.
My Thoughts:


  • Having a weapon that opens portals is just badass
  • It’s good to have a “gold sink”
  • sexy design :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I like the idea of particle effects, and if you could customize the color or something (think adding colored crystal modifier!) It would be really special


  • I disagree with your thought on massive amounts of regular materials for crafting it. I think it should be about as much as normal weapons, but with very rare woods/metals/stones used to craft them.

Really like the idea. This tots should go in weapons/combat 2.


When can you start, Nyuudles :wink:


oooo having my first internship with you guys would be a dream!

But I live in the US though, and i’m 18 :frowning:


These are just stunning! I would definitely sink time, gold, and effort into crafting something this amazing. I think what I liked best about your idea is having players go back to lower tier worlds to gather and fight for the completion on these. So many games make the mistake of not giving players a reason to go back to the beginning.

contrary to many people’s opinions that we are children until we are 50 years old; 18 is a legal adult in the US
it is in no way any kind of hindrance to you seeking employment anywhere you like
and in the age of the internet distance is increasingly moot

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Your art never ceases to amaze me, Nyuudles. Teach me oh wise one! :innocent:

To extend this, i think we should only be made them on special crafting benches that are hidden within oort temples.

I don’t know … having the player in the need of entering those tempels to search for a shrine/bench would lead to the problem, that players who dislike to go on titan hunt would be forced to do that. For the skins you get with titan slaying it would be good, but not on all “legendary weapons”. They should have other obstacles (like a long way to build the bench or finding different parts of ith shattered around the worlds)

its more like kill the titan and it will take a few hours before it respawns.

If it’s on that way it would be ok :wink:

Made some silhouettes for the greatsword, staff,and longbow.

I might put color on some later :open_mouth:

Pick one that looks better to you on each type of weapon if you’d like!


But i like all of them.

these. i would really love to see your idea of legendary claw/fist weapons though :smiley: