Let me buy you a portal (US east T1)

Looking for more connections to my settlement, but struggling to find many shops on US East T1 planets that have 2x1s up for grabs (hence making a local hub).

If you have a decent sized shop, 2 blinksecs from sorrisi, and are interested in linking up, i can drop off portal blocks and will pay the running costs to keep it open from my side.


I think those are about all that within range with 2x1, but let me know if i missed any.

To be honest its simply to fill out my hub a bit more in the hope it will get busy and encourage more people to open their own portals, so if all my 2x1 spots fill up i will close it on you (will let know so you can keep it if you want), but theres about 20 of them so dont see that happening for a while, and free is still free even if its not forever.

I’m down. I’m on Sorrisi. I’ve got a nice looking shop I have connected to PS Biitula. I’ll build a 2x1 later today at my store.

Nice one! Whats your store name?

I am calling it “The Pawn Shop”, but it’s labeled in Biitula as “Grand Bridge”, I’ve just been too lazy to hit up discord to get it changed.

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There is a new portal network being opened (soonTM) by a few streamers, and the Sorissi Hub is right outside of 2 shops, mine selling tools and my wife’s selling food/brews/decorative blocks. Both shops are currently undergoing renovations for the opening of the network. You can currently get to us through PS Hub on Sorissi, there is a personal portal with a sign reading “Neviah” above it. Obviously, once the new network is open (called The Hubbit Network, look out for it’s portal hubs soon on all worlds) you can just travel through that to get there, too.

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If you would like I have 1x2 portals set up at my place you can get there from Bitula hub second floor across from fantasy tree. sign will read FeelzGoodz- i currently have a portal going to Ultima Mall on Finata set up in my place you know when you are there when you see metal and a foliage ceiling. It is called Bramble Land and im on Sorissi

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I’d be all over this if I was on one of those worlds.

When’s this Hubbit coming?

SoonTM is the best answer I can give you. It had been planned to open this past weekend, but there was a delay due to illness and then the new planets came out which screwed up their layout. I believe currently all their T5 and T6 portals are running but they aren’t connected back to the main network. I would expect it to be 100 up and running in the next few days/early next week.

https://www.twitch.tv/llamachomp and https://www.twitch.tv/lollash are the network owners. If you pop into their stream while they are live (Llama is on right now), they could give you a better idea.

I was just wandering Bramble Land yesterday… I actually caught myself singing “whooaoo black betty, bramble land” the whole time I was there! Grats on stealing capital!

Thank you much. hope you enjoyed, we are growing slowly block by block. just let me know if want to open a portal i have tokens out can give ya a free one tonight if you want i will be home 6pm EST most likely.

US East Phemonirum’s capital has several spots open. However is probably more than 2 blinks secs. City hub is connected to PS, Oortians net, Ultima HQ, in the future the hubbit hole will also we open.

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Bramble land is dope indeed. I live in kindred bay and we’re comin for you to get that capital back! :joy:

As soon as i finish remodeling my house, and more mining, and finishing my workshop. Well really its those other guys you gotta worry about. They build like crazy lol my puny build won’t mean much :laughing:

Nice I’ll pop over tonight. I’m in Aus so after work, about 10 hours from now. All good of you’re not around, ill keep trying til i find you, or leave a token if you can.

Yours is one of the few i found actually. Already have a portal up and running (DBX shop hub) :slightly_smiling_face:

Been enjoying the prestige war between you two the last week or so. The yellow dot moving on the compass actually made me go exploring to see what was up and found heaps of cool things along the way.

Im currently #21… watch yo selves.

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oh that is yours nice to hear was looking for you after it opened to thank you. We are trying to build up the community had a few people move in and settle. Going to be working on something here soon. thats all i am saying…lol

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Was fun while it lasted :joy:

Yeah nice… i recently moved to us servers from euro a few weeks ago and found the local networks lacking a little - especially compared to euro servers that have ultima hub and mall. Heaps of great shops/settlements, but no where that really brings them all together. Except PS of course which does a great job everywhere, but more than one option is always good so hoping to create a bit of centralised resource and bring everyone together/give everyone a bit more exposure.

Fif Land is moving to Trior over the weekend. I will have a similar hub linkup area on the north side of the store. I was on beckon but I’m moving so I am 3 or less blinksecs away from the majority of lower tier US East servers