Let me buy you a portal (US east T1)

I’ll definitely be eyeing off all the capitals eventually, i have about 15 portals running on 2 settlements though so oort costs are pretty hectic. Figure i will start with funding lots of small ones for now, and if the interest grows ill change to funding a few bigger ones.

My portal to ultima is 23 blinksecs/6 x 3, so that alone costs a mint to keep active.

Lots of portals going for futher jumps too of course, i just cant afford to pay for all of them so only offering to cover costs for 2x1s.

Currently have available (roughly, should probably count them)…

2x1 - 20
3x1 - 15
2x2 - 15
3x2 - 10
4x2 - 2
3x6 - 2

And always happy to consider other sizes/shapes if anyone is keen.

Will hopefully do another section for player portals too… eventually… maybe

I understand that. I will be mantaining 5 or 6 different portals after the move (one more than I run out of my store currently), and with my limited play time these days those are hard to keep up with. I can only imagine how high yours and others who run hubs costs would be

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Should probably also mention i maintain portals to ultima hub/Portal seekers/legendary hub too, so it links to eveywhere and isnt just a random portal in the middle of nowhere… well it is, but has other portals that lead to better places.