Let Us Plant Oort Shards

It would be nice to be able to obtain portal fuel in more ways than just hunting, mining(Oort seams) and farming are obvious avenues you could expand on this. So lets say I go hunting or mining and get 100 Rough Oort, and I have the option to compact, extract make shards w/e with it. I decide to make shards, ok can still sell these shards or fuel a portal with them. Then add the option to plant them which locks them from being sold/traded now its dedicated portal fuel when they come out of the ground they are enhanced portal shards giving portal duration a buff in the process, double their potency while locking out the ability to sell/trade them it seems a fair trade for people just trying to maintain their portals while also not destroying the economy. Now I cant speak to the seed aspect of it, some return on investment would be nice in terms of replanting but I think it would be better to just add mining seams along side hunting and the farming bit is just to enhance the fuel for ourselves, maybe optimizing the layout enhances the buff on duration or something. I would also advise if you add in Oort seams to only put them on Exo’s(any tier) but in great quantities and non atlasable people have a nasty habit of locking resources with plots on the normal planets its quite egregious imho.

Yes!!! This sounds amazing

So basically can make “oort seeds” like the spooky seeds? So oort can become a farm able thing? Or advanced portal fuel can be farmed if you plant the Oort seeds

I do like the idea of more way than one to obtain oort.

I might actually be able to open my old portals up again, I very much miss those, sigh

Kinda sapped the energy to play right out of me for a while. Coming back slowly now tho, but still…


We cut down our portals too. Oort is harder to get sense the deco plant update than it ever has been

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Yeah, makes me sad tho…

I know there are way too many portal networks so it was a good idea to close mine a while back, but also having to close several portals to the market AND all the farm hubs that kinda hurt…

Things became a lot less convenient all of a sudden…

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Yeah it changed from we will run our portals to if you want a portal you are paying. It got tougher and harder to choose what portals to keep open and run

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more like you can choose to plant your shards to enhance their duration in a portal at the expense of them no longer able to be traded or sold to anyone ^^

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If only they added a counter to the portals. Unique visitors AND total uses in the past 24 hours or week or something like that…

Then it would be much easier to decide which to close…

If the off-topic police is gonna step in here, please note this is directly related to the topic at hand and the reason why mining for oort or planting oort is needed…


I made this thread because personally I hate hunting and running a shop basically means im forced to hunt or spend profits on other peoples Oort. I mine a lot to stock my shop and im always finding that I end up having to hunt or spend coin on Oort way to often to play the game the way I want to.


Yes!!! A portal use counter. 3-4 people thru it in last 2/3 weeks so we know it can be closed with little effect


Portal Tracking Data would indeed be a nice addition, but it could also be a detriment to people trying to get their build up and running as it would allow more prominent folk to see your portal isn’t instantly producing double edged sword.

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Exactly this, yeah. I run a few shops and a market and used to have farm hubs with farms and mines set up so people could gather mats and sell them to the merchants on the market at Coin Converters, but it wasn’t feasible. All my profits went straight back into oort, heck, more than my profits on many a day, I lost over 5m in the past few months…

I used to like hunting, but it became stale after a while, perhaps if they change the hunting up we and many others might be more inclined to do a hunt too once in a while when it’s fun again. This in turn means more oort in the market and thus a lower price as well.

Then they should add mineable oort and perhaps even growable oort to have even more avenues to get it.

Thing is, the game is being advertised as that you can do whatever you want, basically you can do that indeed, but if you like mining you will want some portals, if you’re a merchant you will want some portal, if you’re a gatherer you will want some portals.

Oort is a material that almost every player wants to have to use on their portals but it can currently only be gotten by hunting or buying it.

And what’s worse it’s best to do it in groups which means you need to coordinate with others. Might not sound too bad but if they are always done at time that do not go well with your schedule you’re out of luck on that as well.

So a method where you can go get it at any time and solo would be very much appreciated!

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I do need to add the shards would have to be put in larger quantities per tile like 100-200 shards=1 seed return is 100-200 enhanced shards otherwise you would need ridiculous farm sizes lol

What about re-using the kindling aspect?

Oort plants on certain exo types, that drop the seeds but also some shards, the seeds are plantable. Will take massive amount of time or a huge investment to get a big farm of them going (I know since I did this with kindling!)…

And once you have a massive farm it will take ages to harvest and replant :smiley:

You don’t tho… Tho high luck will help with the amount of shreds/particles and in this case shards that drop…

I gather kindling with my mining build, don’t need a shovel, just hammer at them, also no need for gathering epic. High luck you still want on a mining build…

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fair point, not a bad suggestion great as an option but id prefer just to natively collect Oort seams while I mine for other stuff, getting Oort should be additive to the gameplay style the person enjoys no matter how you play you should have an avenue to obtain it.

Yeah I would like all three methods really!

Rare oort seams on some permanent planets (perhaps once they add some permanent T7 planets which is what they were planning on doing)

And also oort plants on a limited amount of exo’s… (and perhaps on some permanent T7 too if they are gonna do the the same with kindling)

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exactly they just need to add more ways of getting it and a way for us to enhance it on our own, the fuel doesn’t last long enough and the other shards they have…well I hate hunting im not hunting t7+'s im sorry im just not.

I agree there should be more oort-obtaining ways. Farming should not be it though. Look at qhat happened to exotic yams. Doing that to oort will, in time, make oort crash in price and we will literally be drowning in portals.

Right now, oort is one of the major components in this economy. Making it farmable like this would be a bad idea. I hope they make oort T7’s for example. That way we still have more oort, but have it still be limited.