Lets create a story

everyone say a word to continue the story, it begins with “The”

first (Also this game is much more fun with 3 words at a time)

… time I ever …

… met a goblin …

(And @James changes the rules for good)

With a long

… rope, he was …

(Do you know how hard it is to say something that isn’t an innuendo after the 3 words you just wrote?)

In his hands


… ,or his arm was …
(He was in his hand? are you trying to make this hard?)

(oops that was 4 :blush: )

…swinging and singing…

:notes::notes:Aaaahhlahu akbaar shabaaaaaaaaaab​:notes::notes::notes:

You guys lost me at in his hands

…with full fervour.

He tossed the

Rope at the

drunken clown’s nose

…Who said;

do it again!

So he grabbed

A flaming computer

… began to run…