Lets have some fun....add a block!


Lets have some positivity. What would you like to see added?

*Can take up only one block space.
*No buffs
*No importing outside assets
*Must be crafted with existing machines
*Nothing OP
*No requests to modify anything currently in the game.

I’ll start.

I’d like to see decorative wood block 2 for variety.


I miss a grass-block with grass-color on all 6 sides.


Any of the colorful blocks that the game Trove has :grin::grin::grin:


sandstone, like compacted sand of various colours


Roof tiles.


Wood shingles, or clay shingles


Marble, polished marble, enriched marble (has flecks of gleam in it!) decorative marble. Please, no bevel edge textures… should appear as a large solid piece! And high reflectivity please, like refined metamorphic stone has.



So I can make a real bed. =3


Pulsating living tissue blocks.


I’d like to see a jello block. Something a bit bouncy and jiggly so we can build a bounce house for the kids.


Bounce House Princess!


Heh. We had a dev leak back in alpha where a pulsating titan tissue block was used. Looks amazing, as you might expect!


Flower Petals / Carpet of Flowers


compacted or refined sand, just plain color without any texture.
and compacted and/or refined gravel for roads.


You are sick…I love it!


Somebody’s shop is full of patches of pink growth… it looks awesome!


My hunter, Embur, would like mounted mob heads for his hunting lodge.

Not Smoulder, though. He thinks it’s tacky.


I’d like to see some more seamless blocks :slight_smile:

Like the natural rock that has no edges, but together they create a nice wave of texture. Maybe like a sandstone-y type block? I love working with sand, becuase of its smoothness. Maybe this block could be made in a compactor? Like Sand + Gravel?


A circle! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… jk…


A Turbo block. Make the player go faster while walking / running on it. Would be useful to cover larger distances and also could be used in a lot of fun creative ways.

Edit: Just read “No buffs”. :frowning: I just think that something that adds horizontal speed combined with trampolines, slide and ice would be fun.