Lets have some fun....add a block!


Pffft…round is SOOOOO 360 ago.


A new decorative metamorphic block that is reminiscent of the work of H R Giger.
Gotta get that alien underground lair going


Ooo…I just thought of one.

A clock. Just a line down the center and a turning circle with black and white hemispheres showing the time if day.


Building Plaster! off white.


Iron and copper girders


Opalescent blocks could be fun (pearl-like reflections)


Functioning sunglasses.

Dawn/dusk, you hurt my eyes!



A water block. It connects to other blocks to form a larger body of water. It does not flow ( prevents griefing), but can be chained together to make waterfalls.

Combining it with a slide creates a water slide.

Combine with grass seeds to color.

Combine with trampoline to make it into a bouncy Jello substance.

It is harvested by squeezing the water out of plants with the compactor.


those 3 ancient tech device/component things should be compactable to a tech block (3 kinds of them) and with those we should be able make a bit of intereaction
no redstone mess, but presure plates to open doors, or the option to toggle lamps.

like a simple thing that we put next to door or lamp (like the lock) and that get a number or a color with a gleam, and switches, presure plates, sun detectors that can be placed somewhere in same beacon and get the same number/gleam color to trigger those interactors that than can toggle lamps on/off or open a door.

(like channels inside a beacon, that can be defined with gleam colors)

with this we could create so much more, puzzles, quizrooms, mazes (with one way entry/exits), and such things.


Wood and Cloth glider.

Then you can make different tiers too, even forged for more speed and let us fly from mountain.

Edit: I know this isn’t a block but still let us fly!!!


I know this sounds crazy but I would like this :

*Compacted Earthyam (Costs 10 Earthyam) Can be used for fuel/spark. 5 Prestige when placed and has a nice organic block look to it.

*Refined Earthyam (Costs 8 Compacted Earthyam) Can also be used for fuel/spark. 25 Prestige when placed, looks pretty cool and better than Compacted Earthyam.

*Decorative Earthyam (Same as Decorative cost, but instead of wax uses some other new ingredient) 40 Prestige when placed looks like a really awesome organic style block.


Until we get a proper water source I’d love a chiselable flowing water block (like the slime one but looking like water) so we can create streams and waterfalls.

Plus pretty much most of the blocks already suggested by everyone else :slightly_smiling_face:


Machined exotic earthyams to build the warp core on my starship :joy:


Everyone knows you need Hopper cores for a warp engine!!!


Yessss help me get rid of these thousands of useless flowers i got from clearing land


Hedges. Foliage kind of works but is a little too porous for the look I want, and the negative prestige is also kind of a bummer.


Refined foliage!


We need more gigawatts Marty, 88 mph or nothing!

“Marty carries in a pile of hopper cores,”


colored glass, with the option of panes (like doors that cant open)


Block of compacted coins to fill a money bin!