Letting my place regen

Taking a break from boundless waiting for content drops some time in the future. If I don’t see some of your faces when I return it was nice hunting with you. Dropped prices at my shop not going to refuel my planet as I want to join a more bustling world. I will however rebuild Adare manor now that I have the measurements saved it won’t take more than a week. Shame I never finished it but I didn’t see any reason to continue with construction at this point in time. I have Been planning some mini game events in boundless super excited to join a bigger community and make them come to life. Also have some other game ideas but they require some new content……

@Tiggs @monty1 two things that would improve community events in boundless is a ball we can grapple and throw and one that flys within the plot boundaries that we can also grapple.

Also if life keeps me away from this game I will definitely not throw my stuff in lava. Will probably just hide it on random planets for the community to find.

So to partially quote Ned “Scotty” Scott “Keep watching the skies!”


How sad… I hope that this game will one day shine again of interest for you.

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hopefully things change for the game blackmage so every one that left and new players have good reason to stay or come back to game

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D: didnt you just get back (Q.Q)

Yea, life is way to crazy right now for me to play. But never really gone just on extended breaks.


We will celebrate once you fully return.

I pop in every now and again to see the progress so I’m excited to see what you do when you get time :slightly_smiling_face: