Level 50 XP Profile in Exchange


Under the Exchange we see a listing of our coin, level, XP, cubits. The XP listing shows total XP / 2000,000 xp once you are at level 50.

Can we please get it broken out so we can see our XP vs the amount left to level and then our total XP. This way we can clearly see how much is left before we level.


Can we just show the total XP.

It is a bit confusing to see xp / 200,000 at level 50 since we aren’t really leveling in number only XP. I don’t know what is best but this just seems this could be communicated better to the player.


Yes please! :+1:
Was going to suggest it too!

The mini progress bar is so nice under level 50 because its much more visual then just a number going up.
I would like to keep it for lv 50+!


yep good suggestion…

Or (sorry its your thread)
What about a … You reach level 50 (soft cap) why not then have xx ammount until level 50 +1 etc? or other kind of split to allow us to knwo that you actually do keep leveling past 50?

Hope you get me?


I like that idea because it clearly states the amount and somehow shows people that level 50 stays but you get a level. Or something like that.


I’ve never understood why games cap you at X level, but then behind the scenes let you get to Y level. If it’s lvl 200, why not just say 200?


Your level gives others an idea of how skilled your character is compared to other characters. Once you hit max level, your character’s power level has peaked. It may help to think about it from a PVP perspective, a level 50+100 is no more powerful than a 50+0. Sure the 50+100 might have access to other skill sets, but I assume it won’t be practical to switch skillsets during combat.