LFM - Hidden Gems and Workshop Wars

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It’s your “favorite nighttime DJ” PixelatedTwix and I am looking for more hidden gems and workshops. Do you have a spot or workshop you want to show off of your own or maybe someone else’s creation, please let me know! You can find me here, of course, in Discord at Pixelatedtwix#8573 or you can “psst” me in game as Lunashaele.



the year isn’t over yet… too soon :stuck_out_tongue: i wonder if there could be a series on ‘guild hall’ workshops to showcase those off.

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I’m trying to incorporate both guild and individual workshops, but I may consider doing a video here and there that’s just guild workshops. :smiley:

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New series idea : farms and shops XD


Hmm…I could see that being a thing. Maybe a Hidden Gems Farm/Shop edition.