LGTS Corp.Trading and selling gleambow

Hey there,
Legatus Corp is selling new storages in DK’s Legendville mall

This is the portal to the shop

and here are the prices

More of the ornate gleam is on the way
Shadow red
Hot Magneta
Light Sepia
in the next round

also we are taking orders for any specific color of storage you want

as well as any of the gleambow meteor drops

You order, and we bring :smiley:

You can put your orders here

Sorry for a long post :smiley:


New colors done :smiley:
More incoming soon in few hours

(behind is hot magneta and white)

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Decent prices. Good luck with selling

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coords and/or number in mall?

2178N 1463E and you can see the shop number at the first pic, its the portal at the mall lobby to my shop

#b50 I believe from the photo
Nice stuff!

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Legatus corp is trading and selling all sorts of colors of wood, rocks, sponge, growth, mould, thorns, gravel, sand mud and ash.

For trading or buying any color PM me, the price on the shop stand is just for the display.

But if you want to buy it at 5000c each be my guest :smiley:

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Also selling black gleam ornate chests